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Save my ficus benjamin

Question: save my ficus benjamin

I am writing to you because I have a problem with my Ficus Benjamina, it is a plant of about 7 months and is placed in the house, in the dining room with direct light every day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
At first the plant seemed in excellent health, it grew very well and was full of green leaves.
I've always watered it a little in winter (once a week), doubling the amount of water in summer ...
The soil I used to transplant it is the universal one for green plants.
The problems started around October, the ficus began to lose its green leaves all day long. If I moved the vase even a few cm to check the plant it was a rain of leaves.
I observed the plant well and noticed that it was full of black gnats that walked on the leaves, on the trunks and on the ground. this observation made me notice that many of the leaves at the top were covered with a white patina similar to a spider's web (no spiders can be seen) ...
At present the plant is completely different from the purchase: it is almost completely bare, and the soil in some areas has turned white.
What can I do? I don't want him to die ...
Thank you so much for your attention, a greeting Elena

Answer: save my ficus benjamin

Dear Elenia,
It is likely that your ficus suffers because of the location in which it is placed, and that it is watered excessively. If you say you've had it for 7 months, and write in January, you bought it in the middle of spring. So the problem could be due to the fact that when autumn arrives the climate is very different at home, and also the cultivation needs of your ficus. Water the plant only when the soil is dry, and try to keep it away from direct heat sources. In addition to this, your plant has also been attacked by insects and aphids, so if possible make an insecticide treatment with a pyrethrum-based product. Or, since the plant is at home, it looks for a systemic product in the nursery, that is that one should not spray on the plant, but that it should be placed in the soil, from which the plant will then absorb it; there are both systemic insecticides on the market to dissolve in water and systemic insecticides in tablets to be placed in the soil of the pot. This second option should be the best in your case.