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Plants on the covered terrace

Question: terrace plants

Having covered a terrace, now I find a space of m.8 x 3.50 closed on three sides with a window, obviously on the front side of m 8x qum 1 in height. All facing east. buy?

Plants on the covered terrace: Question: terrace plants

Dear Nuccia,
the space you have available is in practice what was once called "winter garden"; given the brightness and the size you can practice practically everything: jasmine, citrus fruits, abutilon, amaryllis, grevillee. Consider that first of all you will have to try not to overload the terrace with vases that are too large (try to use them in light materials), you can cultivate in this large space all the garden plants that generally fear frost or intense cold, which certainly does not will find on your terrace.