Find out how to get rid of the itch! Flea bites on a person, treatment of symptoms

Find out how to get rid of the itch! Flea bites on a person, treatment of symptoms

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Flea bites deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations to humans, as well as to pets. Skin redness and itching make you look for ways to deal with these blood-sucking insects.

Fleas carry deadly diseases such as plague, brucellosis, encephalitis and others.

Therefore, each person should know how to act if the bite has already occurred. In this case, various tools that will always be found in the house will help.

First aid and treatment

A flea bite is best treated according to the following algorithm:

  1. In no case should you comb the affected area.although the itching can be quite severe. Combing the resulting wound can lead to secondary infection and, as a result, to various complications.
  2. The wound should be disinfectedto avoid primary infection: microbes are contained in insect saliva. The disinfection procedure is carried out with iodine, alcohol, gel or antiseptic soap. Brilliant green or even ordinary vodka can act as an alcohol solution.
  3. Only at the third stage is the removal of inflammation... For this purpose, modern medicines and folk methods are equally suitable.

Below you will see a photo of flea bites on a person:

You can find out about how flea bites look on the human body and also see a photo in this material.

Removal of inflammation

There are many methods to help get rid of the discomfort that occurs after flea bites. Here are the main ones:

  1. Itching sensation removes ice well... One cube prevents swelling while reducing inflammation. If no ice is found, you can attach a piece of frozen meat to the wound.
  2. Relieves irritation well Apple vinegardissolved in water in a 1: 1 ratio. It is believed that this remedy also heals the wound, even if it was even combed out.
  3. Another method is calamine lotion treatment... It removes the sensation of itching and has a disinfectant effect on the affected area.
  4. It helps to relieve itching and a weak solution of regular baking sodawhich, moreover, protects against germs.
  5. An auxiliary agent is the juice of some plants familiar to us: garlic, parsley or dandelion.
  6. Among the drugs, you can choose sulfuric ointment and antihistamines... The latter relieve the allergic reaction that has arisen well.
  7. They fight swelling and itching well steroid creams.
  8. If the itching is too severe and cannot be tolerated, it is recommended to use such a well-known remedy as fenistil-gel... But with flucinar, you need to be very careful. It contains hormonal components.
  9. For sale insect bite cream do a good job too. After applying them, a person feels noticeable relief.

Important! Fleas usually bite a person's feet. This happens even if insects attack sleeping people. In the case when the legs are severely affected, it is best to bandage them, after having lubricated the affected areas with ointments or lotion.

Contacting a medical institution

For flea bites, people usually self-medicate. But standard wound treatment is not enough. Sometimes a person needs to see a doctor. This happens if the following symptoms appear:

  1. Heat... It can appear if an infection has been introduced into the wound.
  2. The appearance of suppuration... It occurs with a secondary infection of the wound.
  3. Signs of intoxication: headache, allergic reaction, lethargy, urticaria.

Diarrhea, anxiety and increased agitation can also be signs of an allergic reaction. But the most dangerous sign is shortness of breath.

Attention! Doctors are aware of cases when, after flea bites, a person had anaphylactic shock.

If a pronounced allergy still appears, you need to seek help from doctors as soon as possible... Self-administration of medicines, which does not take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, leads to a deterioration in the condition.

In addition to the above means of struggle, some folk remedies can also be named. Among them:

  1. Aloe juice, which lubricates the affected areas.
  2. Lemon broth or juice.
  3. Cold water... If you lower a leg or arm into it after a bite, in just 10 minutes the itching will completely disappear, and the resulting tumor will noticeably decrease in size.
  4. Travelers and those who work in open areas, repellents are very suitable... They will protect the skin even if the accumulation of blood-sucking insects in this place is large.

Getting rid of the effects of flea bites, as is clear from the above examples, is not so difficult. The funds that are needed for this can always be at hand. The extermination of blood-sucking insects in the places of human residence, however, should become a paramount task, which at once solves all the problems that follow it. Getting rid of fleas is an easier and smarter solution than treatment.

We bring to your attention a video about flea bite allergy in humans:

Watch the video: HOW Get Rid of Flea, Spider, Mosquito Bites= STOPS ITCHING FAST..!!!! (July 2022).


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