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Log that got cold

Question: log that took cold

Hi, I have a trunk of happiness since May 2010, last winter was fine but this year it suffered. It has yellow leaves and the "growth" inside is black, it looks rotten. It was all the esate out in the garden, when it started to get cold I put it in a lighted but not heated room, after having seen it suffer I took it in my living room and it is positioned one meter from the door window, but it doesn't improve, on the contrary ... what should I do ?????
Thanks for your help. Silvana.

Answer: log that got cold

Dear Silvana,
probably your trunk has received excessive watering, and therefore it has been hit by root rot. When we place a plant of this type in a poorly heated place, we need to drastically reduce watering. Try to suspend the watering, and if you don't see any improvement, cut the dark and sick part. Also try repotting the plant in fresh soil.