Sick bonsai

Application: sick bonsai

Hi! I am Sara and I have a bonsai for 3 years. I have never pruned it or repotted it (being afraid of damaging it), but it has always been good. For a couple of weeks he started losing almost all the leaves, and I noticed that the roots appear dry. What can I do? Should I prune it or repot it? Thanks so much

Answer: sick bonsai

Dear Sara,
It is probable that, over the months, the soil in which your bonsai was planted, has by now exhausted all the mineral salts contained in it. I advise you to repot the bonsai, shortening all the parts of roots that are little or not vital; it raises all the ground that remains between the roots, and therefore shortens them by about a third. Repot the plant possibly using a good amount of akadama mixed with specific soil for bonsai. Then water and start watering again only when the soil is dry. It also shortens the branches by about a third.