What are the most disease resistant tomato varieties? Learning to buy the right planting material

What are the most disease resistant tomato varieties? Learning to buy the right planting material

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To get a good tomato harvest, you need not only to organize proper crop care, but also to buy the right planting material - disease-resistant hybrids. All plants are susceptible to one or another disease, and tomatoes are no exception. Pathogens can inhabit seeds, greenhouse structures, and even soil and garden tools.

Next, we will tell you in detail which varieties are best suited for sowing in a greenhouse, and which ones for open ground. And also what types of tomatoes are the most productive and less susceptible to disease.

What can deprive the crop?

Many experienced gardeners know that viral and fungal diseases can not only reduce the number of fruits, but also completely deprive the crop of tomatoes.

  • Late blight - a disease that is very difficult to diagnose at the initial stage, and after its detection, it is very difficult to fight it. This parasitic fungus is capable of infecting not only the plant, but also the fruits that begin to rot.
  • Root rot, can also destroy plantings if you do not start to fight this disease in time.
  • Tobacco mosaic is also capable of destroying most of the crop. In this case, the plant becomes lethargic, weak, the peduncles fall off.

Therefore, it is very important to carefully approach the choice of planting material.

Are there tomatoes that do not get sick?

If you see an inscription on a bag with tomato seeds - 100% resistance to viruses and diseases, then this is just a commercial move of the manufacturer of the planting material. There are no tomato varieties that would completely resist viral infections.

There are hybrids that yield the harvest until the active phase begins in many fungal diseases and infections. And of course, prevention, without which it is impossible to protect the plant from diseases. Do you want to get a good harvest Buy early-maturing hybrids and care for your tomatoes.

Greenhouse seeds

Consider varieties of tomatoes for indoor ground, which, according to the reviews of experienced gardeners, tolerate various diseases and infections.

Charisma F1

A high-yielding, mid-season hybrid that starts yielding on day 115. One fruit has an average weight of 170 g, and up to 7 kg of red, round tomatoes can be removed from one bush per season. due to its medium ripeness, the hybrid is resistant to late blight, mosaic, cladosporium. It tolerates temperature extremes.

Vologda F1

Greenhouse, mid-season hybrid. It grows and gives 5 kg of fruit from each bush in 115 days. The weight of one tomato is 100 g, they are collected in large brushes. It is good to tolerate all types of diseases and viruses.

Ural F1

Mid-season cultivar for indoor cultivation. The harvest begins to ripen on day 120. The fruits are large, round and red, the weight of one tomato is 350 grams.

The bush is formed into one stem, so it is able to give 8 kg per season.

The variety is resistant to temperature extremes and to many types of viruses and diseases.

Firebird F1

An early ripe, salad hybrid for indoor, but can also bear fruit well in an open area in the southern regions of the country. A variety with a determinant bush no more than 90 cm high, which must be tied up and shaped. On the main stem, 5 brushes can form, on which there are 7 orange fruits weighing 150 g each.The hybrid not only staunchly resists various diseases, but also able to yield crops at low temperatures and lack of sunlight.

Bohemia F1

A hybrid with a determinate type of bush. The variety is considered universal. Up to 5 weighty tomatoes can be born on one brush, while the bush will give up to 6 kg of ripe fruits. The variety is bred with persistent resistance to all types of diseases.

For open ground

Consider varieties of tomatoes for open ground, which persistently tolerate various viral and fungal diseases.


An early maturing, determinant tomato that thrives in open field conditions. On day 80, it is able to give the first, fragrant red fruits weighing 100 grams. Breeders have tried to instill in the variety resistant immunity to all diseases.


Indeterminate, mid-season hybrid with a bush height of two meters, requiring a garter and bush formation. The first tomatoes can be removed from the bush as early as 110 days after sowing.

The variety is intended for growing outdoors in Siberia, so even an inexperienced gardener can cope with its cultivation.

In addition to being resistant to various diseases, it is also a high-yielding variety. Up to 18 kg of fruits can be obtained from one square of the area., with proper care.


A mid-season variety that is capable of giving the first tasty tomatoes on 110 days. Despite the fact that tomatoes are small up to 40 grams, 50 fruits can form on one brush. You can get 6 kg from one bush. hybrid universal for open ground.

The bush grows up to 2 meters in height, it needs to be shaped and tied up in a trellis method.

The variety is resistant to temperature extremes, can successfully grow in the Far East and Siberia in open ground conditions. Not susceptible to diseases of the nightshade.

Apple tree of Russia

An excellent hybrid with a medium ripening period, which produces round, red fruits weighing 100 grams 118 days after sowing. The variety is determinant, the bush grows a meter in height, does not require garter and pinching.

The hybrid is completely hassle-free and grows well outdoors even in harsh conditions. The variety is considered a high-yielding variety, since up to 100 small, neat fruits with excellent taste can be simultaneously sung on one plant. The hybrid is resistant to many viruses and diseases.

Puzata khata

Indeterminate, early maturing variety. Large, beautiful, ribbed fruits weighing 300 g begin to ripen on the 105th day. The fruits are sweet and ripen quickly. The bush grows 1.5 meters high and needs to be shaped and tied up. The stems of this tomato are very thin, so you need to tie up not only the stems, but also the brushes on which up to 5 tomatoes are formed. From a bush, you can collect up to 11 kg of fruit, with good care. Has a strong immunity to all types of infections.

The most persistent and productive

You can get a good harvest by planting high-yielding hybrids on the site.

Banana feet

Small bushes of the plant, rarely reaching a height of more than 60 cm. The fruits are excellently shaped, suitable for salting in a bright yellow color. Small bushes do not require special care - garters and pinching. The early ripe variety on the 80th day, tomatoes weighing 100 grams begin to ripen.

In one brush, up to 5 pieces of elongated tomatoes can be born, which are very densely located on the bush. The taste of the fruits is very exotic, only in salty form they become sweetish-sweet. The variety has immunity to viral diseases, is not afraid of attacks by parasitic fungi.


An early ripe tomato with a very tall bush, which requires a trellis garter and pinching. The first small, red tomatoes weighing only 18 grams begin to ripen on day 100. The variety is ideal for canning, high-yielding, as one cluster contains up to 10 fruits. The brushes are very tight. The variety is resistant to nightshade diseases and viruses.


An ultra-early ripe tomato variety that can bear fruit at 65 days.

The bush grows strong and can easily withstand fruits weighing 200 g, of which 5 pieces ripen on a brush. Tomatoes are juicy, tasty, versatile. Breeders have tried to develop immunity in the plant to diseases and viruses.

Ilyich F1

An excellent hybrid that practically does not get sick. Ultra-early hybrid with a ripening period of 85 days. During this time, the fruits are poured up to 150 grams, and 5 pieces are formed on the branch. The bushes are all strewn with tomatoes, the variety is high-yielding and good for homemade preparations.

Crimson giant

An early, high-yielding variety with a strong bush that can easily withstand 300 g of fruits that will ripen on day 100. 6 fruits are formed on one hand. The variety perfectly resists disease, for which it has become so popular among gardeners.

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Despite the fact that there are no guarantees that tomatoes will not turn white with this or that disease during the season, you can pick up high-yielding, early-maturing hybrids that will give a decent harvest. Take care of your site, observe the correct neighborhoods of plants, take preventive measures, and then until next season you will regale yourself with delicious canned tomatoes.

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