"Grandma's Tales" or Reality? Whether the breast grows from cabbage - we will find out!

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Some women are unhappy with the size of their breasts and would like to enlarge them. But, not every one of them dares to lie on the operating table in order to achieve what they want by installing implants. And then the search for miraculous folk remedies begins, from which the bust magically takes on a beautiful shape and increases in size by two, or even three.

First of all, as the popular rumor says, such changes can be provided by ordinary white cabbage in the diet. Is it really? Do cabbage boobs grow, as our grandmothers used to say? Is a vegetable a competitor to a plastic surgeon?

Where did this belief come from?

Why is it commonly believed that cabbage miraculously enlarges the mammary glands? Since ancient times, mothers and grandmothers have advised growing girls to eat more cabbage so that by the time of puberty, their breasts become large, beautiful and elastic.

For any diseases of the breast, healers successfully used the cabbage leaf, and when the ailment receded, the result was said: the breast is like new.

The glory of the protector of the mammary glands was entrenched for the cruciferous vegetable, and then legends about its unprecedented properties appeared. It is also possible the emergence of beliefs was influenced by the shape and size of the vegetable itself, and not at all by its composition.

Is it true that the vegetable helps to enlarge the ribcage?

To expand the ribcage, it is necessary to act on the muscles, bones and connective tissue. The building material for the one, the other and the third is, as you know, protein. BJU and calorie content of cabbage:

  • proteins - 1.8;
  • fats - 0.1;
  • carbohydrates - 4.7;
  • calorie content - 27 kcal.

We consider in more detail the chemical composition of cabbage in a separate material.

The question arises, how much this dietary vegetable should be eaten in order to build at least a gram of muscle, due to what and from what elements will bone tissue be built with such an amount of fiber and coarse fibers in the diet?

Yes, cabbage contains a huge amount of vitamins, trace elements, stimulates metabolism, strengthens the heart, removes salts from the kidneys and joints (you will learn more about what else cabbage can be useful here). But it is doubtful to enlarge the chest by eating cabbage in "basins", even if we are talking about a person under 25 years old, when the growth zones have not yet been closed.

Can Breast Growth Be Stimulated?

The size of a woman's breasts is genetically based. If the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother had small breasts in her youth, one can hardly expect that in the fourth generation, thanks to cabbage, a miracle will suddenly happen.

Cabbage is an affordable and inexpensive vegetable that has a lot of elements useful for the female body. It is delicious fresh, pickled, pickled, stewed (we will tell you more about recipes with cabbage here). But unfortunately, cabbage does not contain substances that could affect the increase in breast size, namely:

  • increase blood flow in the mammary glands;
  • enhance the functioning of the ovaries;
  • help to increase the volume of body fat.

Moreover, the content of tartronic acid in cabbage just prevents the accumulation of fat cells in the body in general and in the mammary glands in particular.

Serious medical research has never confirmed a link between eating large amounts of cabbage and the growth of mammary glands.

How does the plant actually affect the bust?

But do not despair and exclude cabbage that did not live up to expectations from the diet. In fact, it can bring tremendous benefits to the breast, but in terms of its health and protection from serious diseases, and not growth.

All types of cabbage contain the following substances useful for the female breast:

  1. vitamins C and E, which strengthen immunity and maintain normal hormonal levels in the female body;
  2. vitamins PP and B, which maintain skin tone, slow down age-related changes and regulate metabolism;
  3. vitamin U, which stimulates cell growth and renewal;
  4. fiber, which accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body and counteracts the formation of cysts and breast tumors.

Therefore, there is still a beneficial effect of cabbage on the quality of mammary gland tissue.

Cauliflower and broccoli are considered the best in terms of the degree of healing effect on the chest. They contain the maximum concentration of anticancer substances, and, by the way, science confirms this fact and in every possible way welcomes such prevention of mastopathy and oncological diseases.

How to eat a vegetable to be beneficial for a woman?

Cabbage retains its properties after heat treatment, therefore, you can use it without restrictions, in accordance with personal tastes and preferences, it will bring benefits in any case.

  1. White and red cabbage are used in any known form:
    • fresh - separately or as part of vitamin salads, including with olive oil and lemon juice;
    • in stew - with the addition of tomato paste, teriyaki or soy sauce;
    • in sauerkraut - with carrots, lingonberries and cranberries;
    • in pickled - with any additives.
  2. Cauliflower and broccoli they are not used raw, so they are first stewed or boiled.

    Heat-treated cauliflower and broccoli are great as a side dish, vegetable puree, casserole, pancakes and cutlets.

  3. Brussels sprouts also needs heat treatment, and is most often served whole or cut into halves. It is especially tasty when fried.
  4. Kohlrabi you can even eat with tops if you know the secrets of cooking from it. It is used in food both fresh and raw.
  5. Chinese cabbage The most delicate of all types of cabbage, it is ideal for salads and is also used to prepare kimchi, a dish officially listed as the healthiest food in the world.


From the point of view of the effect on the body and the physiological mechanisms of breast enlargement, there is nothing in cabbage that could directly increase the bust. However, cabbage makes the breast healthier and, therefore, elastic, prevents the development of mastopathy and tumors, and contributes to the healing of the body as a whole. Even if the bust does not increase, women will also like this effect.

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