Choosing the best variety of broccoli - the source of vitamins on your table

Choosing the best variety of broccoli - the source of vitamins on your table

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“Broccoli” - how often this one word causes many, especially young children, unpleasant associations. And no matter how much they are told that it is very useful and tasty, the guys turn up their noses.

Like many other plants, broccoli cabbage has many varieties that differ in their taste and appearance, growing technology, fruit weight and possible ways of consumption.

Next, we will look at the most popular ones, and find the variety that your child may also like.

Features of the climate for vegetables with different ripening rates

Broccoli cabbage is varietal and hybrid.... As a rule, hybrid ones ripen faster and have higher yields, but lose in taste and are “one-off”, ie. unsuitable for reproduction. Broccoli cabbage is not as demanding on growing conditions as, for example, cauliflower (read about the differences between broccoli and cauliflower in our material).

Late-ripening broccoli varieties with a growing period of 5 to 8 months are usually planted in subtropical climates. Late-ripening varieties are very suitable for areas where frost is considered a frequent occurrence, as they can easily survive it.

Varieties of early maturing broccoli cabbage are suitable for many areas of our country... They are in special demand in the southern regions.

What does the modern market offer us?

The values ​​are taken from packs of seeds of various brands.

VarietyRipening periodAverage weight of one headFrost resistantDisease resistance
Fiesta100 days500 gr.+Average
Fortune120 days150 g+Average
Marathon130-145 days400 gr.+Average
Tone70-90 days200 gr.+Average
Lucky100 days400 gr.Average
Lord70 days200 gr.Average
Batavia100 days200 gr.+Average
Caesar100 days350 gr.Average
Green Magic70 days400 gr.+Average
Linda100 days400 gr.+High
Agassi120 days400 gr.Average

As we can see from the data in the table, the best variety of broccoli cabbage from the “early” we can call “Green Magic”, with proper care the plant gives a quantitatively high result at harvest in the shortest period of time.

It should be noted the high yield of "Fiesta". "Linda" made me happy with a good indicator of plant resistance to diseases. This variety is also known to contain a record amount of iodine in the composition.

The best offers of Dutch selection

Hybrids "Batavia F1", "Lucky F1" and "Fiesta F1" - Dutch selection, are one of the best of their kind.

  • Batavia F1 - early hybrid, large heads with split inflorescences. Resistant to hot stressful conditions.
  • Lucky F1 - the hybrid is tolerant of powdery mildew and high temperatures.
  • Fiesta F1 - universal hybrid, large heads, resistant to adverse conditions. Suitable for freezing.

Name of species, their description and photo

Fiesta f1

Refers to early maturing. Fruits are dark green in color, dense, have good taste. However, this variety is resistant to pests. With good care, the weight of the head reaches 1.5 kg. Planting "Fiesta" is advised in April in the form of seven-week seedlings. You can replant the variety in June.


Mid-season broccoli cabbage has gray-green leaves, medium density... Good taste, the composition is enriched with vitamin A, iron, calcium and iodine. Plants are planted in the soil in May. Cabbage can withstand light frost. The mass of the main fruit reaches an average of 150 grams.


A high-yielding variety that does not like open space in the sun. The main head is blue-green, elliptical in shape and weighs an average of 400 grams. High level of pest resistance. It is in great demand among culinary specialists because of its taste.

The bush itself is tall, solid with lateral inflorescences of medium density. With careful care, you can harvest 3 kg of crop per 1 square meter... Good for storage and household items. Pickled broccoli of this variety tastes very good.


Early ripe fruit of green color, possibly brown in places. Broccoli is planted in May with seven-week seedlings. The average weight of the fruit is 200 grams, the inflorescences of a dense structure have a mass of about 65 grams. Cabbage is packed with vitamins and minerals. The variety has long been known for its good taste, suitable for canning and freezing.


Mid-season variety, resistant to high temperatures. The fruit of a delicate texture can reach 900 grams. It has side heads with an average weight of 400 grams. Up to one and a half kilograms of harvest can be harvested from one square meter.... The fruit tastes good.


Delicious, high yielding. Planting broccoli cabbage seeds for seedlings from March for a month. Seating is done in May. The option of planting by seeds is possible. The leaf is slightly corrugated, the stem is powerful.

The weight of the central head can reach 1.5 kg, the color is dark green, the inflorescences are of excellent quality and are easily separated. It is good to grow outdoors (you can learn about the secrets of growing broccoli outdoors here). Up to 4 kg of crop can be harvested per square meter. It has a positive effect on the state of blood vessels and the heart.


Many consider it to be mid-season, but in practice, especially in the warm regions of Russia, this type of broccoli ripens along with the early species. The leaves of this cabbage with a gray-green tint... They have wavy bends at the edges. The head has a round shape, rather dense. Secondary heads are easy to separate.

The head can weigh up to 1.4 kg, and the side heads are about 200 grams. On lateral shoots "Batavia" bears fruit until frost. Not stored for a long time. The yield is very good. Batavia responds well to hot weather.


A mid-season broccoli variety with large, dense, purple-green fruits. Plant height reaches 70 centimeters. In terms of density, the heads resemble cauliflower, while the average weight of the main head is 400 grams.

Possesses good taste. Suitable for salads, canning, freezing... In one season, you can get two harvests if you plant the plant again in a timely manner.

Green Magic

Early hybrid (60-70 days from germination to the achievement of technical ripeness of cabbage). The heads are large with a dense stem of medium height and gray-green leaves. Has good taste. The main head can weigh up to 700 grams. The head itself is dark green in color.

In the stem of this broccoli variety, specific voids characteristic only of it can appear. Boasts good taste.


One of the most widely purchased varieties of broccoli... Fruit color is deep green, can have up to 7 lateral inflorescences. First generation hybrid. Has a deep green color, elliptical shape. The shrub is medium in size. In a warm area, the ripening period will be approximately 80–90 days, in other regions - about 100–105 days.

The fruit is large enough, its weight can reach 400 grams. Up to 4 kg of crop can be harvested on one square meter of the garden bed. It also differs in the active formation of large secondary heads.


The variety belongs to hybrid heat-loving plants. It is a strong bush with a rounded flat head on a thick stem. The weight of a head of cabbage can reach 700 grams. An average of 3.7 kilograms are removed from each square of the growing area. Agassi broccoli grows equally well in the open air and in any greenhouse shelters. If the technology is observed, it is stored for 5 months.

Read about the beneficial properties of broccoli cabbage, as well as contraindications to its use, and from this article you will learn recipes for cooking various dishes with this vegetable.

Even a novice gardener can plant all these varieties in his country house. Broccoli contains many vitamins that are stored frozen... And you can write a whole book about the variety of culinary dishes with broccoli. In short, if you are thinking about planting broccoli on your plot, do not think, try it!

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