Propagating at home: growing gloxinia from seeds

Propagating at home: growing gloxinia from seeds

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There is an opinion that for the propagation of gloxinia seeds it takes a lot of effort and time. Yes, breeding Gloxinia with seeds is not the easiest way.

It is worth noting that this ornamental plant is whimsical to the conditions of detention. Despite this, gloxinia is very popular among gardeners.

After all, the plant retains an attractive appearance for many years, pleases with excellent flowering and the softness of velvety leaves. Of course, if you take care of her properly. We consider the rules of growing, as well as caring for the sprouts.

How to grow and get sprouts?

There are several ways gloxinia can reproduce.

  • Breeding with a leaf separated from the adult plant.
  • Division of tubers.
  • Sowing seeds.

The easiest way to reproduce gloxinia at home is by rooting a cut leaf.

You just need to take a healthy leaf with a handle 2 cm or more long, place it in a container with water. As soon as the roots begin to grow, it is required to transplant the leaf into the ground.

Reproduction tubers are used less frequently. This method is considered by many to be ineffective. After planting in the ground, the tubers do not take root for a long time. How to properly plant gloxinia tubers and seeds is described in a separate article.

Breeding gloxinia from seeds is also not an easy breeding method. Propagated mainly to obtain new varieties..

A photo of what the seed looks like and step-by-step instructions on how to collect it

As you can see in the photo, gloxinia's seed is very small, it is difficult to germinate. This makes sprouts very difficult to care for. They grow slowly. It is recommended that the seeds be purchased ready-made, and not collected by hand. Since even from a sigh in their direction, they can scatter.

Seeds are sold in bags. Inside each sachet there is a plastic flask that contains seeds in the form of dragees.

Competent collection is carried out in this way:

  1. First, you need to bypass all the pistils with a piece of cotton wool, better than all the gloxinia flowers that are at home.
  2. Further, this cotton wool is required to pollinate the plant.
  3. After a while, seed boxes form in the center of the flowers. This happens after the petals fly around. After about a week, these boxes will begin to open.
  4. Broken seed pods must be cut off.
  5. To collect seeds, it is required to lower the opened box into a glass, into which sufficiently mature brown seeds will be poured. These seeds do not require any treatment before sowing.

We suggest watching a video on how to properly collect planting material from gloxinia:

Sowing dates

Gloxinia begin to bloom at the age of 6-7 months from germination... The time of year for sowing gloxinia does not play an important role, planting can be done at any time of the year, it all depends on when you need to get a flowering plant. November-December is the optimal sowing time.

Preparing for breeding

The first step is to pour small expanded clay on the bottom of the container, prepared in advance. Care must be taken that the pot has drainage holes.

How to plant in the “right” pot?

Cookware fits with a practical sealed lid... It is better that it be transparent. But you can also without a cover. In this case, glass or polyethylene can be used.

It is important to maintain a high level of humidity, so there should be a snug fit to the sides of the dishes. You can use cake containers.

Soil selection

The ready-made mixture can be bought for gloxinia in the store.... You can cook it yourself. You can collect land from under birch and pine. Mix them in equal proportions, add the same part of clean sand. This potting mix is ​​ideal for gloxinia.

It is necessary to take care of disinfection, just bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes. You can sow into the soil from peat-distilled tablets. The tablets must be pre-soaked in water for swelling. After they swell, you need to free the soil from the film covering the tablets. It is worth doing this in order to save peat peat tablets, because for each tablet you can plant about 2-3 seeds, and not one. Next, you need to thoroughly loosen the ground, lightly tamping.

Family landing conditions

If you need to grow several varieties, then each variety must be sown separately.

  1. Seeds must be poured into a pre-prepared lid or matchbox in order to make them convenient to take.
  2. A toothpick or a thin stick needs to be moistened with water. Thus, it is very easy to pick up each gloxinia granule.
  3. Next, you need to lower the seed to the surface of the soil without embedding. Do the same with the remaining seeds. So plant all the granules in a row.
  4. After sowing the seeds, the patch must be covered with either a foil or a lid.
  5. It is necessary to water the soil before planting so that the seeds do not fall into the ground.

    After all, deepening even by at least 0.5 cm can dramatically reduce the possibility of emergence. If tablets were used, it is no longer worth watering, the moisture absorbed by the peat-distilled tablets should be enough for growing.

  6. Put the patch on the window to create greenhouse conditions for the plant. Additionally, you can use table lamps.
  7. Seedlings should germinate in 2-3 weeks. You should not open the lid before the first shoots appear, so as not to disrupt the normal conditions for growing seeds.

It is necessary to control:

  • Humidity of soil and air in the container... If necessary, it is worth sprinkling lightly with clean boiled water. The water temperature should be slightly above room temperature.
  • Lighting... The degree of illumination cannot be changed. If necessary, to reduce the temperature from the lamps, you can raise the lamps higher. This will not dim the lighting.

As soon as the second leaf appears, it is necessary to gradually accustom the seedlings to room conditions: humidity, temperature. Namely, to begin to ventilate the greenhouse, thereby tempering gloxinia.

Flower care

The result of many days of work depends on competent care.... There are many tips for caring for seed-grown gloxinia. One of them is that you can not give gloxinia bloom in the first year of life. But every plant, with proper care, tends to bloom.

It is very good if flowers are observed in the first year of life. Then the plant will go through the entire growing cycle. Rest at the plant after flowering begins in the fall. The leaves begin to wither gradually, then the entire aerial part dies off. If in the first year of life the plant does not bloom, then it is possible that it is not going to rest. That is, you will have to take care of gloxinia in winter. It is very difficult in winter to implement favorable conditions for gloxinia to enter its normal vegetative cycle.

If everything is done correctly, then after a couple of months after the appearance of the first shoots, the plant forms about 4-5 true leaves... Then it is already possible to engage in planting gloxinia in the correct pot.

We suggest watching a video on how to grow gloxinia from seeds, how to properly transplant seedlings and how to care for them:



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