Question: Gerbera

A week ago I bought a jar of red Gerbera. there are three flowers but two are closing ... what should I do with this type of plant? It is the first jar I buy to keep at home and I wanted to learn how to do with apartment flowers ...

Answer: Gerbera

Gentile Martina,
the gerbera is a plant cultivated both in the apartment and in the garden, but only during the summer. They are perennial plants, with large leaves with a thin page, vaguely reminiscent of the arassaco; it comes in small pots with very well drained soil, in fact they fear water stagnation. They are watered only when the ground is dry, and can withstand short periods of drought. They are placed in a well-lit place, with just a few hours of solitude per day. Avoid placing the plant near heat sources and in areas without ventilation. In spring you can move it on the terrace or in the garden, in a bright area, but not excessively sunny.