Fatsia japonica

Question: fatsia japonica

I have a fatsia Japonica plant in full ground that has developed on a single stem, which reached about one meter eighty of
height has produced a flower that is now reclining and since it is at the height of the single stem I do not know what to do.
Can you advise me?

Answer: fatsia japonica

Dear John,
in general, fatsies tend to produce less branched stems, so it is quite normal for your specimen to have a single stem; since the inflorescence, large and heavy, is modifying the conformation of the whole plant, you could prune it, so as to lighten the stem, and allow it to grow erect; It is likely that your pruning leads to the development of branches, so you could prune your plant a little lower than the flower, but avoid removing all the leaves with the plant topping.