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Question: plant nutrition

Hello. I have some plants whose leaves are turning yellow, so I would like to know how much iron sulfate has to be diluted for 6 liters of water and how many times? Can ox blood be alternated with sulfate? Thanks.

Plant nutrition: Answer: plant nutrition

Dear Francesco,
iron sulphate is administered in quantities per square meter, or by volume of the pot or by plants; about 25 grams per square meter are used, to be diluted in the amount of water you would use to wet a square meter of lawn thoroughly (for example); or about 10 grams of shrub or large pot.
This salt is administered only once, at the vegetative restart, with greening action. I think you are already sure that the plants are turning yellow due to chlorosis, so if this state of yellowing remains or worsens in the coming months, you can evaluate a second administration of salt, or choose for an administration of iron chelate, which it remains available for longer in the ground.
Ox blood instead is a fertilizer that adds nitrogen and other salts to the soil, but does not function as a greening.