Lebanese cedar

Question: Can I prune my cedar?

the recent snowfall the cedar tree of Lebanon about 12 meters high broke some branches practically remained the healthy top of 4 meters and only healthy branches from a part of the tree I think I have to break it down or lower it a lot my demand and 'will they get new branches ??

Lebanese cedar: Answer: the pruning of conifers

Dear Ornella,
conifers do not like pruning, but if the weather conditions have affected some branches, undermining the stability of the plant, you can easily proceed with the trimming of the tree; if you remove the top from a large conifer, the plant will try to reconstitute a top, developing one of the last branches upwards; since your plant is now very unbalanced, having the branches only on one side, you can try to trim it, so as to favor the development of new branches, which will rebalance the foliage of the plant. This is a rescue attempt, so don't expect the plant to be perfectly symmetrical and beautiful at first pruning. Rather than tearing down a big tree, I would first try to save it.