Bamboo pruning

Question: Does my bamboo need pruning?

Hi, I'm writing to you because I desperately need your help. I live in Rome city, on the ground floor of a 4-storey building. In 2009 I planted the bamboo in my garden, to create a hedge that creates a little intimacy. The pipes had a height of about 1.5 meters at the time of implantation, which was done directly in the ground (not in the vessel). Since then some plants have grown a little, reaching a height of about 3 meters, others have not grown at all. Currently my bamboo looks like a thick bush of messy leaves, which collapses on itself but does not grow vertically. It makes me very sad because when I bought it I was hoping to soon see some nice 5 or 6 meter rods. I don't understand where I'm wrong. Yet I provide daily watering (drip) and annually fertilizing the soil. I thought I should do a pruning, but I am not clear how this should be done so as to stimulate growth in the vertical direction as much as possible ... maybe I have to cut away the side branches? or do I have to cut away the old branches, those that collapse on themselves? I really hope you want to give me some suggestions.

Bamboo pruning: Answer: pruning bamboo

Dear Michele,
the behavior of your bamboo is very strange and particular; as you have well said, usually these plants do not suffer in any way, and develop quickly, without problems. Try to prune the lateral branches and stems that collapse excessively; the bamboos are plants that develop a root system that is not too deep, but conspicuous and compact, it is likely that your plants do not have enough land available to develop their roots, and therefore remain "dwarf", as if they were species of large bonsai.