Camellias and oleanders

Camellias and oleanders

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Question: camellias and oleanders

hello, in these periods of exceptional snowfalls, I had a doubt about the plants submerged by the snow, I have camellias and oleanders full of snow where it is impossible for me to remove them because they are in the earth and are full of snow, my question is these plants risk to die or will the leaves just fall and be reborn? thank you for your kindness

Answer: camellias and oleanders

Dear Antonio,
in general the plants that we grow in the garden are well resistant to cold, and even if covered by snow they do not spoil; the greatest damage that the new cause is due to its weight: a plant, burdened by several centimeters of snow, can have its branches broken due to its weight. For this reason, snow is generally removed on smaller plants, or on evergreen and very leafy ones; Japanese medlars, for example, are among the plants that are most often ruined by snow. In any case, it is simply a matter of losing the tip of some particularly large branch, or of losing a few leaves. It may happen that the oleanders are lightly burned by intense frost, but this starts even without the snow, and the problem is solved with a pruning at the end of winter of all the branches burned by the cold. As for the camellia, it may happen that a snowfall at the end of winter spoils the floral buds.