Recommendations for gardeners: when to sow tomatoes in March to get a good harvest?

Recommendations for gardeners: when to sow tomatoes in March to get a good harvest?

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular types of vegetables; almost every gardener grows them in his garden. There are many different varieties of tomatoes and how to plant them.

To get a rich harvest, it is very important to plant the seedlings on time, otherwise the harvest can be lost altogether.

When is the best time to sow tomato seeds and how to choose the best day for this? This article will tell you about this in detail.

Why is this period the time for sowing tomatoes?

For every gardener, the beginning of spring is preparation for the summer cottage season. March is the ideal month for planting tomatoes and other seeds of the nightshade family. What is the reason for this? The fact is that if we take into account the germination time of the seed, as well as the period of seedling development, then March is the most optimal month for sowing seedlings. In February, the amount of sunlight is not enough for the development of seedlings., in March, daylight hours are already beginning to gradually increase.

Tomato seedlings require at least 11 hours of daylight per day.

What are the best varieties to plant?

What is the difference between growing tomatoes of various varieties, when and on what day can they be planted?

  1. In early March, tall varieties of tomatoes are sown on seedlings, such as:
    • Alyonushka - a variety of tall tomatoes grown in a greenhouse or open field. Ripening period is about 100 days from the moment of planting. The average weight of the fetus is about 400 grams, but in rare cases the weight can reach 1 kg.
    • De Barao - an equally popular variety of tall tomatoes. Ripens within 130 days of planting. The fruits of this variety cannot boast of their weight; it reaches an average of only 100 grams.
    • Midas - in terms of characteristics, the fruits of this variety are quite similar to the De Barao variety, especially in size. One of the characteristic differences is that midas ripens faster (about 120 days).

    Other tall tomato varieties:

    • Miracle of the earth;
    • Tarasenko;
    • Pink titanium;
    • Watermelon;
    • Commissioner;
    • Punto;
    • Madeira;
    • Dessert;
    • Verlioka.
  2. What number can you sow undersized varieties, as well as when to plant hazel grouse and pink honey? Low-growing varieties of tomatoes are recommended to be sown in March 15-25, these include:
    • Alaska - a low-growing variety of tomatoes designed for both open and closed ground. Ripening period is about 90 days from the date of planting. Round fruits weighing from 80 to 100 grams. This variety is unpretentious and suitable for regions with cool summers.
    • Pink honey - a determinant tomato variety, very popular among gardeners. The fruits ripen within 110-115 days, their weight reaches 1 kg.
    • Grouse Is a mid-season undersized tomato variety that boasts a high yield. The average ripening time is 110 days. The surface of the tomatoes is covered with yellow stripes, and their weight varies from 200 to 300 grams.

    Other undersized tomato varieties:

    • Riddle;
    • Watercolor;
    • Golden Stream;
    • Red fang;
    • Supermodel;
    • El Dorado;
    • Gazpacho;
    • Golitsin.
  3. When is the best time to sow other low-growing varieties of tomatoes? It is recommended to sow early and mid-season tomato varieties for planting in a greenhouse at the end of March, for planting in open ground - at the beginning.
    • Alpha - early ripe tomato variety, suitable for open ground and greenhouses. Ripening period is about 85 days from germination. Small fruits, the average weight of which is 60 grams.
    • Valentine - mid-season, very productive tomato variety. The average ripening period is 95 days. A characteristic feature of these tomatoes is resistance to slight drought. The weight of one fruit is 80-120 grams.
    • Maksimka - an early ripe tomato variety recommended for open ground. Tomatoes of this variety ripen within 75-80 days. The weight of one tomato reaches an average of 100 grams.

    Other early ripening tomato varieties:

    • Benito;
    • Explosion;
    • Doll;
    • Far North;
    • Marisha;
    • Parodist;
    • Sanka;
    • Superstar;
    • Meal.

Growing by region

What days are suitable for planting tomatoes in different regions of the country? In most regions, sowing of tomatoes for seedlings occurs precisely in March, starting from the Central region of Russia and ending with Siberia and the Far East. The milder the climate, the earlier you can plant seeds for seedlings. That is why, in the south of the country, you can plant seedlings at the very beginning of March or even in February. Obviously, there is a big difference between how to grow tomatoes in different regions.

For each region, you need to be able to select suitable varieties that are able to adapt to the climatic conditions of the area.

So, when and what date can you sow tomatoes:

  1. When to sow in Siberia? The time for planting tomatoes depends not only on the region, but also on the variety. Based on this, the days of planting tomato seeds for early, mid-early and late varieties may differ:
    • Early maturing varieties are planted in early March, from 7 to 14 March.
    • Mid-season tomatoes are sown in mid-March, from about 15 to 25.
    • Planting late tomatoes usually occurs in late February and early March.
  2. When can you sow in the Urals? In the Urals, the timing of planting tomato seeds for seedlings does not differ much from the timing of planting in Siberia. Early and mid-ripening tomatoes are recommended to be sown in mid-March, late varieties - at the end. The only difference is that the Urals are divided into southern and northern, therefore, in the southern regions of the Urals, sowing of seeds can begin as early as February.
  3. Planting dates for tomatoes for the Central Black Earth Region.
    • The term for sowing seeds for seedlings of early tomatoes is from February 25 to March 5.
    • The term for sowing seeds for seedlings of medium tomatoes is from 1 to 10 March.
  4. When is it necessary to sow tomatoes in the Far East and what is the best day for sowing?
    • Early varieties of tomatoes are planted from 1 to 25 March.
    • Middle and late varieties of tomatoes are sown for seedlings from March 20 to 30.

When is it forbidden to sow seeds?

Experienced gardeners use the lunar calendar, as they believe that the location of the moon can affect the growth of plants. Based on this, tomatoes can be planted any day in March, provided the moon is growing. When coordinating the sowing plan with the phases of the moon, it is also not recommended to plant seedlings on the day of the full moon and on the next two days.

The importance of planting tomatoes on time should not be underestimated.... For each variety and specific region, there are a number of different rules regarding the timing of planting seedlings, but the clear majority of gardeners and gardeners believe that March is the most successful month for planting tomatoes.

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