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Avocado growth

Question: Avocado growth

Hi, I'm Sara. I write to you because I put an avocado seed in water and made roots and leaflets. I still keep it in the apartment because I see it grows very well. I was wondering if it wasn't possible to keep the plant in the water? since cmq grows very well ...

Answer: Avocado growth

Dear Sara,
avocado seeds are often grown in hydroculture, but know that in order to continue developing in good health you should get yourself a pot for hydroculture and special fertilizers; in any case consider that your seed will in time give rise to a small tree, which perhaps would be better to cultivate in a large vase, so it might as well move it now, when it is still small.
Get a vase, which is at least a couple of centimeters larger than the diameter of the big seed, fill it with a good universal soil, mixed with little sand or lapillus (to increase drainage) and place your seed, avoiding to bury it completely, since even in nature these seeds develop only partially immersed in the soil.
Avocado trees, Persian-American, can live in Italy even in the garden, in the open ground, but only in areas with very mild winters, where the thermometer never shows temperatures below zero.
Certainly it is that the satisfaction of obtaining a large plant, albeit to be cultivated in pots, from a seed is priceless.
I therefore advise you to move it into a vase, and to repot it as soon as the container is obviously too small; always use a good, very well drained soil, because avocado plants do not like water stagnation; water only when the soil tends to dry and from March to September provide a fertilizer for flowering plants, every fifteen days, dissolved in the water used for watering.
In summer it would be good if your seedling spent its time outdoors, in a well bright and ventilated area, also exposed to bad weather.
Plants like the avocado prefer to live outdoors, and if kept in the apartment year-round they tend to perish, or have a stunted development. Avoid placing the vase in an area that receives many hours of direct sunlight, especially in the first period when the plant is moved outdoors, and especially during the hottest hours of torrid summer months.