Ficus and folded leaves

Question: ficus and folded leaves

Hello. How come my ficus robusta has the sides of the leaves (old and new) that fold back on themselves, almost rolling up towards the lower page? thanks

Answer: ficus and folded leaves

Dear Enza,
the crumpled leaves can be a symptom of the presence of insects, in this case, however, you should see them on the underside of your leaves, just where the leaves crumple up, use a magnifying glass to check well, because in this case it will be necessary to intervene using an insecticide; since your plant is in the apartment, you can use the large tablets of insecticide that are on the market: they are inserted directly into the pot and dissolved with watering.
If there are no insects your plant suffers due to excessive or scarce watering: the houseplants, although evergreen, spend a period of semi-vegetative rest in the winter; this happens because the plants, despite being cultivated at fairly constant temperatures for long months, know which season we are in when they are able to perceive the different lengths of the days. So for the whole period in which the days are short your indoor plants, even if evergreens, need not to receive any more fertilizers (since they do not make new shoots, they do not need large amounts of mineral salts), and their demands of waterings become minimal: water only sporadically, when you see that the ground is dry; in any case avoid leaving the ficus dry for all the long winter months, also because the climate in the house is very dry. Plants such as ficus are used to tropical climates, without large changes in temperature and very wet; often the foliage of these plants is ruined due to the scarce humidity present in the air: frequent vaporization of the leaves solve the problem very well.
Some apartment plants suffer from the position in which they are grown: it is essential to keep the ficus away from direct heat sources, such as radiators, stoves and heaters, fireplaces; often it happens that the plants suffer because they are placed too close to the glass of a window exposed to the sun, which in the central hours of the day becomes excessively warm.
So, without a photo, or more information, it is not easy to understand the reasons why the foliage of your ficus is crumpling up; try to cultivate it in the most appropriate way and keep it in an area of ​​the house that is bright and free from temperature changes, and your plant should return beautiful and luxuriant.