Bonsai naked

Question: Bonsai naked

Hello. For some months I have been taking care of a bonsai (carmona), I placed it behind a window so that it could take light; I water it regularly but in spite of everything, for some days it has almost lost all its leaves. I never fertilized it, I would try to do it just to see it thriving with leaves as it was in the past. What can I do? Thank you.

Answer: Bonsai naked

Dear Manuel,
bonsai are small plants, used to growing in little soil, with a small root system; the difficulty of cultivating these plants depends largely on the fact that their balance is guaranteed only by precise and well-suited cures for each individual plant: any error, even a small one, can lead to a sad failure.
This does not happen with the same plants placed in large pots or in the open ground, simply because a more extensive root system allows the plant to spread its roots in dry soil to look for water, or in soil that is too wet to look for a dry area, where the themselves can breathe.
In addition to this, bonsai are also living beings, and as you do, you do not have the exact same needs throughout the year (since in August you are in shorts and a T-shirt and in January you wear a nice padded jacket ), also for your plant the succession of seasons, the changing climate, days with different lengths, cause different needs.
For this reason it is not possible to establish rules concerning the watering of plants, since if we water regularly, or for example every 5 days, in August we will have the ground immediately dry after a few hours, in January instead for all five days the land will remain damp; and the root system of our plant will always be in a dry soil, or always in a completely soaked ground, without aeration.
The salmon love a humid climate, that is when the heating system is active it would be good to vaporize the foliage, especially if the plant is near a bright window, which dries the foliage very much; but even if near the plant there is a stove, a fireplace, a radiator, an air conditioner, which dry the air very intensely.
At the same time the carmone love a fresh and moist soil, but not perennially soaked with water.
So your bonsai should be sprayed with demineralized water every day, and watered only when the soil is almost dry: dip a finger in the earth, if it is still wet, avoid watering.
In addition to this your plant loves good brightness, but often the proximity to a window is also equivalent to an excess of direct sunlight, which can ruin the leaves; try to look for a bright area at home, but not subject to direct sunlight.
After moving the plant and changing habits with regard to watering, top all the branches, to favor the development of new shoots and new leaves.