An early ripe variety of Tushon carrots. Description, differences, cultivation

An early ripe variety of Tushon carrots. Description, differences, cultivation

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Early ripe varieties of carrots are very useful, rich in vitamins and minerals. They are indispensable for those who want to eat healthy and maintain their health. This is exactly what the Tushon carrot variety is.

Growing early varieties of carrots has its own characteristics. This article describes in detail the stages of cultivation, the characteristics of the root crop and the history of breeding.

Useful recommendations are given on sowing a crop, growing and proper care of a plant at home.

Characteristics and description

What does it look like?

Features of the variety:

  1. Touchon carrots have an even cylindrical shape with barely noticeable eyes.
  2. Usually, the length of the root crop, as a rule, reaches 15 - 20 cm.
  3. The pulp of such carrots is tender and has a sweet taste.
  4. The core is large and hard.
  5. The fruit has long and dense green tops.

What variety does it belong to?

The early ripe carrot variety Tushon belongs to the Amsterdam variety... It is distinguished by good quality and high yield of carrots, pleasant taste.

The amount of fructose and beta-carotene

100 grams of Tushon carrots contain 6 - 8% sugar, and the amount of carotene is approximately 11.5 - 11.9%.

Sowing time

The Tushon carrot variety belongs to the early maturing. The best time to plant is late March and early April.

Seed germination

The seeds of this variety have a fairly high germination capacity.... On average, this figure ranges from 78 to 90 percent, depending on the region of cultivation.

Average weight of one root crop

According to the manufacturers' data, the average weight of one carrot is about 95 - 150 grams. Some fruits may weigh more.

Productivity from 1 hectare

The yield of Touchon carrots is not inferior to many other popular varieties and is approximately 295 - 416 centners per hectare. In regions with a favorable climate, the harvest can reach 600 centners.

The purpose of the variety and keeping quality

Carrot variety Tushon is universal... It can be used for both your own food and cooking, and for pet food. Poor keeping quality is the main drawback of the variety. The shelf life of this carrot is very short.

Growing regions

Features of growing root crops:

  1. Tushon carrots are quite unpretentious and suitable for growing in various regions of Russia.
  2. Best of all, the variety takes root in the central part of the country and in the Volga region.
  3. In the northern regions and in Siberia, the climate is more severe, so planting carrots requires additional care.

Where is it recommended to grow?

Touchon, like other Amsterdam carrot varieties, is best suited for open field planting. The main thing is to choose a suitable place so that the plants receive enough sunlight.

Disease and pest resistance

The carrot variety has high resistance to pests, is not susceptible to various diseases. To avoid such problems, you must follow all the rules for planting and caring for root crops.

Ripening period

Touchon is an early ripening carrot that ripens shortly after winter. Root crops finally ripen 80 - 90 days after planting the seeds. If harvested a little earlier, 60 days after planting, the carrots will have a very delicate taste. You will find the ripening dates of the most popular carrot varieties in a separate material.

What kind of soil does he prefer?

Better to plant Touchon carrots in loose, oxygen-rich soil.... Sandy loam and loamy soil is well suited. In an area with heavy clay soil, a rich harvest is more difficult to obtain.

Frost resistance

Carrots of this variety have high frost resistance, they can adapt to different climatic conditions. But if the root crop is grown in a region with a cold climate, planting should be done later, when the soil warms up a little.

Breeding history

Touchon is an author's carrot variety, which was bred in France... Thanks to the crossing of various varieties, Touchon has acquired numerous beneficial properties, such as high yield and frost resistance. Breeders also paid attention to the appearance of root crops, making it beautiful and neat.

What is the difference from other species?

Like all varieties of carrots, Touchon has its own distinctive features. Root vegetables can be easily recognized by their thin cylindrical shape and smooth surface. Unlike other varieties, the core is almost the same color as the flesh.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Tushon carrot variety has a lot of advantages that attract summer residents and gardeners. This is ease of care, resistance to diseases and parasites, high yield, and good presentation.

The main disadvantage of carrots is their short shelf life. It is best to immediately consume the resulting crop, without leaving it to lie in the cellar for a long time.


It is best to start planting seeds in mid-spring.... The most suitable date is March and early April.

  1. Before you start planting, you must first prepare the seeds. To do this, they are soaked for a day in water or a solution to accelerate growth. To distribute them evenly over the beds, you can mix the seeds with a little sand.
  2. Ready seeds are planted in rows to a depth of 2-3 cm. There should be a distance of 2 cm between the rows and the seeds themselves. Then the beds need to be watered.
  3. After planting, you need to regularly care for the plants. Carrots should be covered with peat and compost to prevent weathering. It can also serve as a good fertilizer.
  4. The thinning of the beds is carried out in two stages. For the first time, the distance between the rows is adjusted to 12-15 cm.Then you can increase it to 25 cm.
  5. After watering and thinning, it is necessary to loosen the soil to provide the roots with access to oxygen.

Harvesting and storage

After 70 to 90 days, the carrots will be fully ripe and ready to be harvested. You need to dig out the roots carefully so as not to damage them. After harvesting, the crop must be rinsed and dried in the sun.

Shelf life

The tushon is very small, so it is better to use the crop right away.

Diseases and pests

The Tushon variety is not susceptible to various diseases and pests. For the prevention of diseases, it is recommended to disinfect the seeds before planting.... Do not plant root vegetables in the place where dill, parsley, caraway and parsnips used to grow. This can lead to infections and diseases in carrots.

Various problems and ways to solve them

If the rules of planting and care are not followed, some problems may arise.

  1. It often happens that carrots have cracks, which leads to a deterioration in their taste. This can be avoided by regularly watering the root crops, but at the same time avoiding waterlogging of the soil.
  2. Many gardeners are faced with such a problem as the curvature of the shape of the fruit. This happens if the soil was too hard. Therefore, it is important to regularly loosen the soil.
  3. Inexperienced gardeners often encounter such pests as carrot fly. This can happen if the seeds are not disinfected and soaked before planting. In addition, carrot flies are attracted to clover and dandelion, so weeds must be destroyed before planting.

Similar species

Among the varieties of carrots, there are many types that are similar to the Tushon variety and have similar properties.

  • Carrots baby sweetness, as well as Touchon, belongs to the Amsterdam variety type, has cylindrical pointed roots and gives a good yield.
  • Alenka carrots similar to Touchon with its aromatic, sweet pulp and resistance to various diseases.
  • Variety Nandrin similar to the Tushon variety in early maturity, cylindrical even shape.

You don't have to be an experienced gardener to grow Tushon carrots. It is enough to follow the rules of planting and care, and then beautiful and tasty fruits will become a decoration of the table.

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