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Good morning, I would like to plant a fruit plant in my garden. Living in the Po valley which do you recommend based on the climate? since I am a beginner I would also like to know the right procedure! thank you in advance

Council: Answer: COUNCIL

Dear Federico,
in the Po valley the climate is perfect for growing most fruit trees: figs, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches, pears, khaki and apples have no problems with the cold winter climate, nor with the hot summer climate.
It then depends on the space you have available: thorns, pear trees and peach trees are usually small trees, which often do not exceed 2-3 meters in height, and which therefore can also find space in a small garden, or in a tiny plot of land.
The cherry trees are instead slightly larger trees, which can reach 5-6 meters in height, and also figs; the apricot plants have an intermediate size, and also the apples, and often do not exceed three meters, producing however a wide crown, and the same applies to the khaki.
Therefore, first of all check that you have the space necessary to allow the plant you have chosen to grow without finding any obstacle; consider that fruit plants love sunny locations, so in addition to being full, this must also be in a sunny area of ​​the garden.
If you are lucky enough to have room for more than one fruit tree, remember to keep them at a good distance, at least two or three meters from one tree to the other, so that as they grow they do not shade each other and do not intertwine branches; if we are talking about two genus plants that we have said are of minute development, you can also think of placing the trees a couple of meters from each other.
Once you have chosen the type of fruit plant you will then have to choose the variety: there are dozens of varieties of plants for each species of existing fruit plant; the differences between the varieties are multiple, ranging from a different type of fruit, by size, color or sweetness, up to a different maturation period; if you choose two or more different types of fruit, you should also choose different maturation periods.
To choose the best varieties, most suitable in the area where you live, surely the nurseryman will help you: in every area of ​​Italy different varieties are preferably cultivated, generally particularly suited to the climate of each individual area. If you don't know any nurseryman you trust, ask in an agricultural consortium, or take a walk in the gardens or orchards, and ask the owners of the trees which varieties they have chosen and why.
To give you an example: the Palumella apricots are a variety that originated in the Neapolitan area, generally they prefer slightly warmer seasons than those found in the Po Valley; the Bella d'Imola variety is instead suited to the Po Valley, having originated in the area near Imola.
Once the variety has been identified, go to the nursery and choose a healthy and well branched tree, consider that for a family orchard you will need a plant with branches already open to form a kind of cup or vase;
prepare a deep well and work the soil well, mixing it with little manure, after about 3-4 days you can plant your new tree, taking care to place it at the same depth to which it was placed in the pot in which you purchased it.