Grow orchids

Question: Grow orchids

can you tell me the secret to not let the orchids die? I can't keep them from fading, they are the only plants I let die
answer me soon francy

Answer: Grow orchids

Dear Francesca,
most of the orchids that can be found in the nursery are plants of tropical origin, so they are used to a hot and humid climate; for these plants life in the nursery is perfect, because they can enjoy excellent brightness, lots of water, especially in the air, and a constantly warm climate.
In the apartment they generally enjoy a fairly warm climate, with minimum temperatures always above 15 ° C, but often receive very little light, and the air in the home is generally too dry.
In fact, in the apartment there are several components that help to make the air practically dry; on the one hand, we do not always have time to ventilate the whole apartment well, and, especially in the coldest months, it is also difficult to open the windows when the weather outside is very cold. In addition to this in the house we have radiators, fireplaces, stoves, air conditioners, all appliances that de-energize the air in the apartment excessively.
For this reason, orchids (but also many other houseplants) suffer due to a lack of water, but not in the soil of cultivation, but in the air.
So, to keep the orchids always healthy, it is good to place them in a well-lit area of ​​the house; it seems easy, but it is not always, because the most luminous areas of the house are usually near the windows, where in addition to the radia coming from the same, our orchids would also suffer from the proximity to the radiators. So, look for a bright area, far from drafts, doors, windows, radiators ... someone who keeps his orchids on a specially placed shelf in the living room area writes more light, but not too high, because the air at the top in the apartment it is generally warmer and drier.
Found the place very bright, but not with direct sun (which would ruin the foliage and the flowers), water regularly, keeping the soil moist and fresh and frequently vaporizing the leaves, even every day, especially if the air conditioner or heating are active .
Remember to fertilize your orchids periodically, using a specific fertilizer, because those for other plants could burn roots and leaves; since orchids (most of them) do not like to have so many mineral salts in the substrate, especially near the roots, we proceed by preparing a pan full of water and fertilizer, we dip the orchid in it, leave it to soak for about one half an hour, then he downs and repositions himself in his place; the solution of water and fertilizer can be used for other house plants.