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My question concerns my dracaena marginata, a beautiful plant, which I love! I state that, thanks to your help, I am remedying the dry ends, increasing humidity, but now I have also noticed that it loses its leaves, even the most green and young ones. The log, in the middle, remains empty and seems rotten! I thought "too much water?" And in fact when I repotted it, below, the earth was very moist, and the roots crossed, so the vase was too small or narrow. Now that it's wider, though, will you save yourself? Or is he destined to rot all over? What to do with the dry logs? Place the photos, and thanks a lot in advance !!!
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Dear Vales,
unfortunately your beautiful dracena was hit by some rottenness, which developed due to the excessively damp soil; even if you have repotted the plants, the fungus is now in the stem, and therefore will continue to develop, ruining the entire plant.
If you want to save at least part of your dragon trees, you will have to get rid of the fungus.
The best method is to cut the stems until you find the wood healthy, compact and light in color.
Then get yourself a sharp and clean shear and remove all the dark, mushy, musty parts from the stems; whether they are in the upper part of the stem or in the lower part, it does not matter: luckily the dracena stems sprout with great ease, so it is sufficient to have even a single portion of the stem to obtain a future plant.
So, the drums you get will obviously be bare, buried in a new pot and with new earth, and they will have to be watered only in about ten days, after they have settled in the new soil.
If you had to get some alee instead, or bits of stem, without tuft of leaves and even roots, put them in a fairly damp soil, so as to quickly stimulate the germination.
These plants develop by producing large buds at the apex of the stems, from which a new head of healthy leaves will form.
In general, remember that the dragon trees do not need excessive watering, especially during the coldest months of the year, those in which the days are short and dark; water only when the soil is dry, checking with your hand: dip the fingertips of your fingers a few centimeters into the substrate, if it is moist and cool, return the watering.
Consider that if in summer you will have to water every 2-3 days, it is likely that in winter it is sufficient to water once every 8-10 days; if you are not sure if it is the case to water again, if in doubt the watering will be delayed as your dragon very well tolerates the drought, while she does not tolerate the excesses of water.
From March to September, add a good fertilizer to the irrigation water, specific for green plants.
If your house looks very dry, as happens in winter when the radiators are turned on, or in the summer because of the air conditioner, it occasionally vaporizes the foliage of the plant, using demineralized water, to increase the environmental humidity.
Good luck for your beautiful plant, I hope you can recover a good part of it.