Question: hail

I had hail and caries are occurring how can I work on the olive trees what can I do? how to intervene? thanks

Answer: hail

Dear Mauro,
hail can produce devastating effects in an olive grove, as the micro abrasions caused by ice grains become a sort of small doors wide open to bacterial or fungal diseases, such as the infamous olive tree mange; if then in your olive grove some episodes of olive caries have already spread, the problem manifests itself in an even worse way, and needs timely treatment, to avoid that with the passing of the weeks your plants are hit by different types of bacteria and mushrooms.
As for healthy trees, or those not yet affected by tooth decay, surely the first thing to do is to disinfect and close the wounds, so that cavities and / or mange cannot settle in the wood.
As for the plants already affected by mange, before disinfecting or practicing any kind of treatment, it is advisable to remove the wood affected by the disease, and then cover the wounds.
So, first of all, go to the olive grove, and remove any broken branches, and all the wooden parts already affected by caries, until you get to the healthy, light-colored wood; it uses grafting knives, if the spots hit by caries are small, or any other tool that produces a clean, lint-free or jagged cut.
Whenever you move from one tree to another, or from one branch to another, perfectly clean the cutting tools you are using, using denatured alcohol or flame, so as to avoid transporting the disease yourself. the trees of your olive grove.
When all the wounds are clean and the broken branches have been cut, proceed to cover the living wood using pruning putty, added with a copper-based antifungal.
Generally most of the mastics for pruning existing on the market are already added with a fungicide, so check at the time of purchase, so as not to have to add the fungicide afterwards. All the resulting materials of these operations must be destroyed, to prevent the fungi and bacteria from spreading into the surrounding land.
If your olive grove is very large you can prepare a mastic, using vinyl glue mixed with a broad-spectrum antifungal product; but the ready-to-use products present in the market first of all contain the right amounts of fungicide, and they are also mixed in order to be better spread on the plant and in such a way as to contain the right amount of fungicide in each portion of mastic.