How to propagate honeysuckle?

5 30 Oct 2014 08:52

Two bushes of edible honeysuckle have been growing in our garden a long time ago. At first, they bore fruit regularly, but now the harvest is already small.

I think the point is that the bushes are already old. It does not work, they do not give roots, although other plants usually root easily with me.

So how is this honeysuckle propagated?

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  1. Igor

    Honeysuckle is a fairly persistent plant, therefore it easily propagates in all three of the above methods: dividing, cutting and dropping.
    The first method is perhaps the simplest and most optimal - in early spring, before the start of the growing season, simply divide the bush. It is best, of course, to carry out this procedure with fairly old bushes, while planting them in new places in this way.
    If the bush is young, then grafting or dropping young long shoots along the edges of the bush, also in the spring. In the case of a buried one, it is worth replanting it in the spring of next year so that it gives good roots.

  2. Ludmila

    You can propagate honeysuckle in different ways, by dividing the bush, cuttings or layering. You can use bushes if there is a large bush. It is divided into parts and planted in prepared holes. Better in the fall. Propagated by cuttings in early spring. There should be more than two buds on the handle.

  3. Veronica

    Honeysuckle can be propagated by cuttings without problems. In the spring, before planting, it is necessary to cut cuttings with fresh swollen buds, not very deeply. Water as needed. In a month, maybe a little more, I will go sprouts. Can be treated with special growth stimulants purchased from a gardening store.

  4. Helena

    If the bush is very old, but the green part develops normally, you can try to rejuvenate it by completely cutting off the upper aerial part. It is better to do this at the end of the growing season, in the fall, feeding the bush with a growth stimulant. In this way, I saved the old currants, it was a pity to be deprived of my favorite variety.

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