Acacia of Constantinople

Question: acacia of Constantinople

Hello, I have to choose a plant to put in the garden. I live in the province of Milan. The precise place is a fairly wet corner, sheltered from the garage, but wide. The plant will have to reach a maximum of 10 meters in height and will have to cover my garden a little from the neighbors. I thought of the Albizia julibrissin. Can it be a good idea? I read that she gets sick easily and I don't find her in any nursery in the area.
Thanks Elisa

Answer: Constantinople acacia

Dear Elisa,
the albizzia is a beautiful tree, of medium size, with a wide crown and with a spectacular flowering; in Italy it had long periods of great success, and it could be easily seen in gardens, but also as street trees; a few years ago, unfortunately, from Asia came a tiny insect, a kind of Psylla, which only attacked the albizzias, decimating them. This event was particularly intense in Lombardy and Veneto, where most of the albizzias were uprooted and burned, before we could figure out what kind of insect it was and how to defeat it. For this reason, it is very difficult today to find an albizzia specimen, even in the nursery. It has not yet been possible to understand why this insect in Italy decides to attack only the albizzia, and it has not yet succeeded in finding a valid and sure method to defend the trees from such insect; therefore it is generally advisable not to use this tree in the garden, because laying it down means surely having to prepare insecticides or other things to fight the little psyllid.
However, if you like albizzia a lot and intend to put it in the house, consider that surely at the end of winter and early autumn you will have to spray the foliage with appropriate insecticides.
If you intend to plant another tree, you can think of a maple tree, choosing it from one of the various high-trunk species found in the nursery; there are also some with a beautiful red-brown or cherry-red color, which will certainly brighten up your sheltered corner.
Liquidambar is also very beautiful, again also with deciduous leaves, in autumn the foliage becomes a beautiful orange-red color, before falling, and small brown balls remain on the tree, the fruits full of seeds; it is a tree of modest size, which will not become a colossus.
Also very beautiful are the hawthorn, crataegus, with a beautiful white or pink in spring and a rounded crown.
Also the catalpa is a sapling very used in Lombardy, sapling with deciduous leaves, large and heart-shaped; it has a beautiful spring bloom, almost unbelievable in a tree; there is also a variety with foliage with a delicate aroma, which keeps mosquitoes away.
If the area of ​​the garden that you have available for your tree is damp and fresh, you can also place a willow tree, thin weeping, which is always a beautiful elegant tree.
Or a small hornbeam, a resistant tree, with nice small foliage.