Draining plant

Question: draining plant

What herbal tea can I use in addition to fennel seeds? Or do I retain so many liquids, to the point that touching my legs is pain. could you tell me

Answer: draining plant

Dear Federica,
surely the fennel herbal tea is an excellent remedy against swelling and water retention, to always be associated with a diet low in sodium and a few walks, even short, to stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory system.
In herbal medicine you will find then a series of products that help to contain water retention, often they are syrups, or tablets; sometimes you can also find products to be used on the skin, such as birch oil, borrowed from Scandinavian peoples, which seems to work miracles, even on the most swollen legs.
In addition to birch, which is also used as a drainage lymph, there are other plants that help us with this problem.
For example, the Canadian vine, even of this you can find ointments or tablets, is also used to stimulate circulation and for problems related to veins and capillaries.
In herbal medicine you will also find products based on green tea, a remedy against water retention, also used to purify the whole organism; in addition to tablets or ointments, you can also simply drink a common infusion of green tea, which is now safely found even at the supermarket; please do not take the green tea already in the bottle, which contains a lot of sugar, rather buy the green tea in a sachet, and prepare the infusion yourself, which should be drunk without sugar, or very little if you find it too bitter .
Others are the purifying and draining plants, such as the horsetail (also used by our ancestors), the pilosella, the spirea, and the much hated weeds; in herbal medicine you will find many products that help against water retention, which often contain more plants that act in synergy.
Please, these few lines cannot replace the advice of a herbalist; if your disorder continues and is debilitating, seek the advice of a good herbalist or pharmacist; and if it continues for weeks to the doctor.