Question: tulips

the tulips are being planted in pots in December. I placed them near the wall on the balcony under the sloping roof. some were born not yet but have already sprung up in the ground. For about 2 weeks I put them on the balcony sill. It was the same sun exposure. Some began to turn yellow and lose vigor. In general, the growth had stopped. Help.thanks

Answer: tulips

Dear Franco,
the cultivation of tulip bulbs in pots is not always easy, because it often happens that these bulbs, placed in a small amount of land, suffer due to deficiencies or excesses of watering, or deficiencies or excesses of mineral salts in the soil.
Remember that as soon as the bulbs sprout, they begin to need water, which will be administered every time the soil is very dry; in any case we avoid leaving these small plants dry for prolonged periods of time, because in pots they do not have the possibility of searching for water in depth, as is the case for bulbs grown in the open ground. At the same time we avoid in any way to leave the bulbous plants in a still damp or wet ground, because in this way we would favor the development of fungi and rot, which can quickly lead to the death of the plant and the entire bulb.
When we plant bulbs, especially in pots, it is important that the soil is rich and soft; as soon as the plants sprout, we begin to add water to the fertilizer for bulbous plants, or for flowering plants; this fertilizer must be mixed with the irrigation water every 12-15 days. When we mix a fertilizer with water we check to use the precise doses: rather than putting too much, let's put less; we also avoid providing fertilizer too often, generally every fifteen days is fine. As soon as the plants begin to produce the floral stem, we suspend the supply of fertilizer, which we will resume after flowering.
If the vases are very small, and contain little earth, we avoid placing them in a windy and / or very sunny area, with many hours of direct sunlight per day: the sun and the wind quickly dry up the soil contained in a small vase, leaving tulips for many hours in an arid substrate; tulips instead need a typical spring soil, that is fresh and slightly humid, at least as regards the period of greater development of the plants.