Information on honeysuckle

Question: information on honeysuckle

dear ones I should plant a hedge and I would like to make it of honeysuckle you know me advise which one for an evergreen hedge and in mild area? thanks

Answer: information on honeysuckle

Dear Carmen,
the honeysuckle belongs to the genus lonicera; in Italy about ten species of this plant are widespread, including lonicera caprifolium, a deciduous creeper, with a splendid flowering, whose buds give off a persistent and intense perfume. The lonicera genus has dozens of species, some even evergreens; among the widespread species in Italy, lonicera implexa is evergreen, it is a climbing shrub present in the Mediterranean scrub, generally leaning against small or medium-sized shrubs, such as lentisco, corbezzoli or cisto.
It is not easily found in nurseries, as it is a widespread species in the wild, and in some areas considered intrusive.
The evergreen species most used in gardens to prepare hedges are those of Asian origin, such as lonicera japonica and lonicera biflora, with a persistent dark green leaf and oval shape; flowering is summer, in shades of white, white or cream; some hybrid varieties exist in the nursery, with bright-colored flowering, in shades of pink. Even the flowers of these lonicere are very fragrant.
These are rustic and vigorous species, which can produce a real wall of leaves over a short period of time, developing up to 5-6 meters in height over the course of a few years. Lonicas need a support to lean on, so provide for a trellis, or make them develop along a dividing wall or a fence.
They are fairly rustic plants, which however fear the frosts a little; climbing plants of the lonicera genus generally have different behaviors depending on the area where they are planted, in fact some species that are evergreen in Sicily, can lose most of the foliage in winter if placed in Milan. Lonicera japonica bears frost, but if the frosts are very intense and persistent it tends to lose some of the foliage. It is planted in a very sunny area, so as to avoid as much as possible the loss of foliage in winter.
In Italy, in the gardens, a variety of shrub lonicera, lonicera nitida is used as a hedge; It is a shrub of medium size, evergreen, with very minute foliage; the flowers in this case are not the typical large honeysuckle flowers, they are tiny, but very fragrant; this species of lonicera exists in many varieties in the nursery, generally with variegated or light-colored foliage. This species of lonicera is completely rustic, and survives even in the case of very intense and prolonged frosts.