Peach bubble

Question: Peach bubble

I have peach trees with flowers already open. I would like to know what kind of treatment I have to do now or when, to avoid diseases like the peach bubble. Thanks

Answer: Bubble of the peach

Dear Armando,
the bubble of the peach tree is a fungal disease that also seriously attacks peach trees; we see its proliferation in spring, but the mushrooms (or better, the spores) overwinter on the branches and on the stem of the peach tree; therefore the best and most effective treatments are done in winter, in October-November, immediately after defoliation, and then in January-February. Two preventive treatments with a product based on copper and sulfur are generally sufficient, and prevent the presence of this disease in the spring months.
If you have not done treatments and you are afraid that the plant can get sick, wait until all the flowers have faded before practicing a treatment with a fungicide product, otherwise you would go to kill or drive away all the useful insects that live on your peach, with obvious damage to the nature, but also to the future pollination of flowers (and therefore few fruits for you).
The peach bubble develops especially in spring, when the climatic conditions are favorable for the development of these mushrooms; the worst springs for us, and best for the bubble, are those that show heavy rains and strong temperature changes over the course of days; so after the flowers of your peach have withered, if there is a period of heat during the day and cold at night, with frequent rains, well, repeat a treatment against the bubble.
For the next year I advise you to practice the winter preventive treatments, so as to eradicate the parasite when its development is minimal, and when the whole garden and useful insects are at rest.