Watering problems

Question: Watering problems

Hi, I'm passionate about bonsai but I don't know how many times and when I can wet it.
Answer me soon because there is a bonsai in danger !!!

Answer: Watering problems

Dear Irene,
there is no rule on how to water bonsai, as there are tens of hundreds of plants that can be grown as bonsai, some are also succulent, and therefore do not like excessive watering; in general, indoor bonsai (assuming you have a bonsai at home and not in the garden) is watered when the soil is dry.
The two major, and most damaging, mistakes that can be made by watering a bonsai are leaving the soil dry for days, or watering excessively with excessive zeal, keeping the soil constantly wet, soaked in water.
To find out if it is necessary to water your plant, dip a finger in the growing medium, if you feel it fresh and moist, wait a couple of days before watering; doing so in winter you will water your plant only sporadically, while in summer you will water it almost every day.
To be sure that the little soil that encloses the roots of your bonsai is actually well watered and moist, I advise you to provide irrigation by immersion:
get a tray a little bigger than the bonsai pot, place the jar (without saucer) and add water to a level just below the outer edge of the jar; the water will ascend by capillarity from the bottom of the pot, from the holes, and will even wet the surface of the soil. When you see that all the soil is damp, take the jar out of the tray, let it drain for a few minutes, and replace it in its place; if in a couple of hours there should be water in the saucer, throw it away.
This way you will be sure to wet all the soil in the vase, and not just the surface.
During the winter, when the heating system is active, and even in summer if the plant is kept in an air-conditioned environment, it vaporizes the hair of your bonsai, to increase the environmental humidity.
I also advise you, every 15-17 days, to add water to the water, specific fertilizer for bonsai, in order to maintain regular levels of minerals contained in the soil. Buy a specific fertilizer for bonsai, because it is quite complicated to use fertilizers for indoor plants even for bonsai, given the different concentrations of mineral salts contained in these fertilizers.
To better know how to grow your bonsai, I advise you to find out, to know which plant it is, so as to know all the cultivation needs.