Flowers for a man

Question: flowers for a man

I would like to know which are the most suitable flowers to give to an elegant and career man for his birthday. Thanks

Answer: flowers for a man

Dear Sindi,
for cultural reasons that have almost become a general rule, in Italy it is not very usual to give flowers to a man, so I advise you to keep yourself on the classic, or prepared to donate a very simple bouquet, also consisting of only one important flower; if you want to make a gift that has a certain effect, rather than devote yourself to buying so many flowers, have a small bouquet prepared, but already inserted in a cute vase, maybe even with clean and simple lines.
As a first suggestion I would point out to you the calla lilies, which are a flower with the meaning of nobility and respect; a particular flower, very elegant and clean; the white calla lilies are very easy to find, but from a good florist you can also find colored ones, but a lot depends on the tastes of the person to whom you want to donate them, also because the colors of the calla lilies are often particular.
Even the orchids can be suitable, and you can find all types and colors, their meaning is charm and refinement, but the flowers are so particular and noisy that they also indicate sensuality, so your gift would also become a clear message of intent that goes beyond the simple good wishes for the birthday.
If the person you want to give them to is passionate about flowers, you can instead opt for a small bonsai or a potted flowering plant, which is more suited to the pragmatism and solidity of a career man, unlike flowers, which many consider frivolous and fatuous.
If, on the other hand, you want to make a real non-conformist gift, see if a good vase can be prepared by a good florist, containing a single lotus flower, a symbol of perfection and life, together with an acknowledgment of achievements and a wish for his road continues like this; if you think this mini pond is too demanding, you can have a bunch prepared with some lotus flowers; the number always odd, as for all other flowers.