Jasmine with red leaves

Question: jasmine with red leaves

Good day yesterday I was given two plants of jasmine creeper I planted it in a large pot of 100 x 50 length on the balcony, facing south east, though I know it has red and other green leaves and some greens are falling ... I would like to ask, if it's normal, thanks
I can't say what kind of jasmine is ... thanks

Answer: jasmine with red leaves

Dear Antonio,
generally the jasmines (I believe that yours is a trachelospermum jasminoides, or what is commonly called evergreen jasmine) have red leaves in autumn or winter, when they are changing; in fact even the evergreen plants change the foliage, and like the deciduous plants, before falling the leaves are filled with waste products, so that the leaf if you take them away when it dies; quickly the dead leaves are replaced by new leaves.
Another reason for the redness of the foliage can be an incorrect watering management; these plants, if grown in pots, need watering only when the soil is dry, they are very afraid of water stagnation, which causes the asphyxia of the root system.
Or maybe you are watering the plant too little: it is true that adult jasmines, and for a long time in the open ground, are generally never watered, but a specimen grown in pots, especially if it has just been placed, certainly needs a little damp.
So if you are watering too much, or too little, the plant is increasing leaf turnover and is losing even the healthy ones as it suffers.
Much also depends on where your jasmines were previously kept, perhaps they were placed in a not very sunny area, and therefore the plant suffers from the sudden change of insolation; at the end of winter it is also possible to buy plants in shopping centers, where they are kept warm by heating; when these plants are then placed in an area with a more natural climate, they suffer for a few days, due to the abrupt jolt of climatic conditions.
So, try shortening the branches of your two trachelospermum slightly; water only when the soil is well dry: your plants tolerate drought quite well, and instead fear excess water and stagnant water.
The well-lit and sunny exposure is perfect for jasmine, but remember that your plants are placed in pots, and therefore they will need more watering during late spring and summer, especially if the pot is placed in an area where receives rain water.
In any case it is resistant and vigorous, rustic plants, which should recover quickly from stress or inadequate cultivation factors.