Question: can eucalitpo leaves be harmful?

The eucalyptus leaves are excellent for coughing, raffraddore etc. But is it true that if they are not collected at the right time, they are carcinogenic? If yes, in which period should they be collected?

Eucalyptus: Answer: the active ingredients contained in eucalyptus leaves.

Dear Giuseppe,
the eucalyptus is a large tree native to Australia, where it reaches majestic dimensions; in Italy it was naturalized in some Ligurian and Lazio areas, where there are specimens up to thirty meters high.
It is a medicinal plant, used both in herbal medicine and in the production of drugs and perfumes; mainly it uses the essential oil, extracted from the foliage, which contains some active ingredients, such as eucalyptol, canee, pinene, flavonoids. The properties of this tree are many, the active ingredients contained in the leaves are used for their balsamic, expectorant and antimicrobial powers; Recent research has highlighted the fact that the ingestion of eucalyptus-based products, together with anti-inflammatory drugs, would improve and speed up their metabolism by our body.
The essential oil and the mother tincture of eucalyptus are obtained from the oldest leaves, which are at least one year old, because they are richer. There is no scientific research to indicate that the active substances contained in the eucalyptus leaves are of a different nature depending on the time of year when the leaves are picked.
Clear is that, as with any drug, and for many medicinal plants, the ingestion of large amounts of mother tincture of eucalyptus, or essential oil, is strongly discouraged, because in large doses these substances are highly toxic.
Certainly another problem is related to eucalyptus leaves: in some Italian regions these trees are cultivated to use the leaves in the preparation of cut flowers.
For this reason the trees are always kept free from pests and diseases, often practicing preventive treatments based on sulfur or copper. If you wish to use the eucalyptus leaves dried taking them in nature, be careful not to harvest from trees that have been treated with chemicals by humans.