Dwarf shrubs

Dwarf shrubs:

Often in city parks or in large gardens we suffer the charm of large shrubs and trees, which are unlikely to find a place in our small patch of land.
To help us nurserymen constantly produce new varieties of dwarf shrubs, especially conifers, whose company would be quite difficult if they developed like the classic botanical species.
The dwarf shrubs in general have the same characteristics as the classic-sized cousins, hence the same leaves, the same bearing, the same colors. However, they offer the advantage of very small dimensions, and an almost slow development, so that even adult specimens of many years remain within the proportions suitable for a small garden or terrace.
These shrubs are particularly suitable for growing in pots, given their small size.
Let us remember that often shrubs of dwarf varieties have very slow growth, so they tend to be quite expensive, and if we buy tiny ones it will take years before they reach the final desired height.