As the name implies, these plants are so easy to cultivate that they will hardly leave your garden or terrace once they are planted. Some species also survive on sunny high mountain pastures.
They are succulent plants, which produce thick rosettes of fleshy leaves, almost triangular in shape, and of various colors, usually intense light green. In the middle of summer, a thin stem rises from the center of the rosettes, bearing an ear of yellow, pink or purple flowers, depending on the species.
They are cultivated in a very sunny place, even if they can easily bear the partial shade; they are not particularly demanding plants, and they also grow well in tiny containers, or in the common garden soil, as long as it is fairly drained and without particular stagnation. They are so adaptable that they can survive even in extreme conditions, such as the sempervivum tectorum, which grows in the thin layer of soil that settles between the roof tiles.
They tolerate drought, even prolonged, without problems, but it is advisable to water the plants in the summer period, especially in the absence of rain.