Lilies are bulbous of Asian and European origin, which produce large flowers during the summer months.
The lily bulbs are placed in full earth, or in pots, where they can be left undisturbed even during the winter period, since they enter in complete vegetative rest, and therefore well tolerate the frost.
They prefer a good rich soil, with a lot of humus, soft and very well drained; the flowerbeds with lilies must be well bright, but possibly not too sunny: two to four hours of sunshine each day may be more than sufficient.
To obtain well-developed plants we position the bulb with the flat part downwards, and the tip directed upwards, burying its diameter for about one and a half times. The more the bulb is in depth and the more time it will take to produce leaves, but at the same time it will be more protected from the cold during the winter.
Watering must be regular, from April to September, in order to keep the soil cool but not wet; we water when we feel the ground dry.