Flowers for balcony

Question: flowers for balcony

I ask for an advice on what kind of flowers to put on my balcony. I say that the sun arrives at 3 pm and remains until sunset, in the morning it is in the shade. they don't bloom at all, they told me that the geranium needs more hours of sunshine ... I thought the fuchsia, what do you say? The sun is too strong for the fuxias? I'm desperate, I can't have a nice balcony :( (Thank you

Answer: balcony flowers

Dear Erica,
in fact, if your geraniums do not bloom, perhaps it is just a few hours of sunshine, although it often happens that geraniums are better found in a semi-shaded area; the problem lies in the fact that your terrace receives direct sunlight precisely during the hottest hours of the day, and this can cause greater need for watering. It also often happens that we have to water towards evening, in your case it is not the best time of the day, because plants still have very hot pots and earth, and cold water can cause a strong thermal shock, harmful to plants.
In addition to this, poor flowering may also be due to poor quality soil or nutritional deficiencies.
You can try fuchsias, although I remind you that you will have to water them whenever the soil is dry, because they don't like drought; if possible the watering should be done in the morning, when the plants are in shadow, otherwise besides stressing the plants, watering them in the evening, with the warm earth, the water would evaporate quickly, thwarting your watering.
I would try also with geraniums and surfinie, but endowing them with not too large pots, but filled with the best soil in the nursery, and watering the plants in the morning, and adding fertilizer for flowering plants every 12-15 days to the water of the watering.
Dipladenie, sundaville, Mandeville, are climbing plants, which you can grow as hanging, with a beautiful foliage, very resistant even in the shade, which produce large trumpet-shaped flowers, generally in shades of pink or rose, very beautiful and details.
You can also put in the pots of impatiens, normal or in the varieties "New Guinea"; they are easy-to-grow seedlings, found in all nurseries, with flowers of various colors, which bloom throughout the summer. Even begonias are indicated for vases that do not receive too much sun, they are also a little succulent, and therefore withstand the summer heat and drought a little more.
Other shadowy flowers are the torenie, although they are not very widespread, and many varieties and species of bluebells.
IF you have room for some slightly larger pots, you can also think of planting azaleas, which will keep you company even in winter; or astilbe and hosta, which are perennials, and you'll find them again next year; clear that these are plants that become quite large, and therefore cannot be grown in windowsill trays, they need beautiful large vases.