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Fruit tree explant

Question: explanting tree fruit

I have some small fruit trees (apple-plum-pear) to move. What is the best time to do this? Thanks. Lidia

Answer: fruit tree explant

Dear Lidia,
moving a small tree is not an operation to be underestimated, explanting a small tree is always a stress, very strong, which could also lead to the death of the plant; this type of operation is practiced when the plants are in vegetative rest, so as to cause the least possible stress, therefore in autumn, when the trees will already have lost their leaves and will already be in complete vegetative rest.
To facilitate the success of the operation, it is important to try to eradicate most of the sapling's root system from the ground, then avoiding handling it or causing serious damage. If you are forced to remove the plant still with the leaves, do it at least towards the end of the summer, when flowering and fruiting are already finished, and in this case, before weeding out the tree, it shortens all the branches, by about a third , or a little more, in order to decrease the mass of leaves that the plant will try to take care of as soon as it is repositioned.
Proceed by tracing a large circle around the stem, about two-thirds the width of the foliage if the plant is already developed, a little more if the seedlings are still young and with few branches. Then dig around the defined circle on the ground, trying to dig up the tree and its roots; avoids damaging the earthen bread, so as to minimize the damage inflicted on the root system.
If you do this in autumn, reposition the tree and compact the soil well, with your feet or shovel; if instead you will be forced to do this with the plant still in vegetation, after having positioned it, and having compacted the soil, water the substrate abundantly.
Before moving the saplings, prepare the planting holes, working the soil well, and enriching it with a little manure; in this way the saplings will find a rich and loose soil, and will be able to immediately enlarge their root system without finding obstacles.