Silver fir

Question: is my silver fir tree in danger?

my silver fir plant planted in the garden for 15 years and more has the roots that come out on the lawn and I would like to know if this can cause suffering, given that this year I notice the fall of many needles and you do not see new ones today. thanks

Silver fir: Answer: the white fir in the garden

Dear Roberta,
the white fir is one of the few fir trees that spontaneously develops also in Italy; It is a plant that in nature develops in alpine areas, with cool summers and very cold winters; your specimen has been at home for many years, and therefore it should have developed a well-extended root system. These trees tend to become very large over the years, there are specimens of silver fir up to fifty meters high, one of these giants is also present in Italy; the typical root system of a silver fir is of a taproot type, ie it produces a robust and broad central root, which develops downwards, in depth, anchoring the tree; the rest of the root system branches from the root to the taproot, and develops laterally. I therefore believe that the roots you see appear on the surface are only a small part of the root system of your tree, in practice you only see the iceberg puta; so I think that the presence of these roots should not make us worry, because they are not the predominant part of the root system of your tree. In addition to this, a fir tree for fifteen years is already an adult, which should not have any kind of vegetative problem, which should have been highlighted already for some years. The fact that it has not yet begun to sprout is perhaps to be attributed to the particular spring of 2012, given that in April it seems to be still at the end of February, with nocturnal temperatures still decidedly low.