Rose grafted

Question: what happened to my rose?

last year they gave me a beautiful rose-stem 1.50 m tall - at the end a bush of YELLOW ROSES - now the stem and bush are dry but at the base (where there is a big knot) two shoots have sprung up . What do I do, cut the stem and let the new shoots grow? they told me they are crazy (?). If you answer me I will be grateful to you. Angela.

Rose grafted: Answer: the grafts of roses

Dear Angela,
most modern roses sold in nurseries today are grafted plants; rose producers sow botanical varieties of roses, choosing the ones best suited to develop in Italy, for vigor, and also those particularly resistant to diseases, or particularly resistant to heat or drought. Once the seed plants are obtained, they cultivate the most beautiful and luxuriant ones, and graft them with branches of hybrid roses with interesting flowers, of the most requested varieties. In this way you get robust, rustic and resistant roses, which produce the beautiful flowers that we all know.
Unfortunately, sometimes the rootstock is very vigorous and resistant, while the grafted plant is a little less so; therefore during particularly cold, or hot, or humid, or dry seasons, the grafted part may die, and therefore the root stimulates the development of the branches of the rootstock. Not always this rootstock is a plant, as you say, "crazy"; sometimes it is simply a less showy but more vigorous variety. You immediately see it from the conformation of the branches: if they are straight, of light green color, and with green thorns, it is probable that this is a botanical rose of little decorative interest; but it is not said. Since in any case your rose is deceased, you can continue to cultivate the rootstock, and see what flowers it produces, it could still be a pleasant rose.
In any case, remember that the variety you had planted for some reason is dead; perhaps it simply did not survive the intense cold that occurred last winter, or perhaps received too many or fewer waterings; if in the future you want to buy another rose of the same variety, try to understand the reasons that led to the death of the previous rose.