Question: Fig sick

the frost has dried my fig tree but I do not know if it is dead or if it will recover later. I would like to know if it will resume or if I have to replace it, I hope there is a remedy. thanks

Answer: Fico sick

Dear Mariolina,
fig trees in general are among the last to produce foliage in spring, but actually, already in March, at the apex of branches and twigs, you should see large buds, which swell with each passing day; only in April or May will the leaves begin to widen, even taking some time to develop completely. If in late April your fig has not yet produced beautiful green buds, I think it has unfortunately died, probably due to the cold, which in the winter of 2011-2012 was decidedly stiff. It seems to me a strange thing, however, as the fig trees live in Italy even in the wild, and also in the northern regions, except in the alpine areas. So maybe your fig tree, besides having received an excessive cold, must also have had some other problem, perhaps linked to the excessive humidity present in the soil of your garden (it is one of the few reasons why a fig tree dies).
So, if you want to replace the plant, try to understand if the soil around the previous tree was excessively wet, or if there are other problems related to external factors, otherwise any plant you will place in the same area, could face similar problems, not resistant for many months.