Olive bonsai

Application: olive tree bonsai

I have an olive tree bonsai that I found uprooted on the balcony for about 3 days and I don't know how to save it is reduced rather badly, the leaves have closed again on sestesse I tried everything what can I do?

Answer: olive bonsai

Dear Hamza,
an uprooted plant does not have the possibility to perform at best all the functions that are generally performed by the root system, most of which concern the correct absorption of water; for this reason, a bonsai that has lived outside its pot for a few days has the same problems as a plant that has not been watered for a long time. These are all problems related to drought, which may have seriously ruined your bonsai. The first thing to do is to reposition the plant on the ground, so that the roots are in the right environment for which they are responsible; first take care to prune the roots lightly, removing all dry, blackened or damaged parts. So you will have to carefully water the earthen bread around the roots, possibly by placing the vase in a large bowl, which you will fill with water up to the outer edge of the vase, so that all the earth contained in the vase gets well. Then remove the jar from the water, let it drain for a few minutes, and replace it in its saucer. When plants like bonsai are left without water for a long time, they begin to sacrifice part of the crown, which dries up; you therefore have the hope that the plant is not completely dead, but that it still has parts that are well alive. The first parts that are sacrificed in case of drought are the tips of the branches, which you will then prune, to stimulate the plant to produce new shoots. In the nursery you can also find special fertilizers, to be used as vegetative activators, in cases of high stress, like the one you described to us.