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Question: soil for succulent plants

hi I am making a small rock garden, I would like to know which and how many layers of land are needed.
thank you very much

Answer: soil for succulent plants

Dear Mimma,
if you intend to prepare a corner of the garden that recalls a piece of the origin areas of the most common succulent plants, you do not need to place large quantities of different layers; consider that succulent plants, and especially cacti, tend to produce a shallow root system that is not too large. The only thing you need to worry about is water drainage, which must necessarily be excellent: the water used for watering and rain must slip away quickly, so as to avoid water stagnation of any kind.
Therefore, the soil in which you will plant your plants must be as incoherent and not very compact as possible, consisting of universal soil, mixed with pozzolana, lapillus, pumice stone, sand: it does not matter what the material that constitutes the small grains is you will add to the soil, as long as it is small, and that is a lot. Generally, soil and incoherent material are mixed in equal parts. If you fear that in the area where you live the rains are excessive, under the layer of soil for fat plants, place a nice layer of sand, which will further drain excess water. However, it is fundamental that the layer of draining soil is as often as possible, so that all the roots of your plants sink into this soil, and are not found in contact with a compact soil. Otherwise, areas with water will necessarily form under your succulent garden, which in time will favor the development of rot.