Lemon in pot

Question: How is lemon grown?

Good morning. I bought a potted lemon tree, I read a bit of information, and I thought I'd put it to the south, it's sunny all day, where I have a porch and I can think of keeping it just inside that still receives sun. In winter I thought behind a column under the porch protected with non-woven fabric. I wanted to ask if it could go well, how much to give him to drink, and if manure can go well as a fertilizer? So kindly I wanted information on lemon care. Thanks Greetings Matteo

Lemon in pot: Answer: the cultivation of lemon

Dear Matteo,
lemons are grown in many Italian areas, the most famous are certainly those of Sorrento, or of the Sicilian plains, but lemon trees are also cultivated in Rome, and once they were cultivated for commercial purposes even on Lake Garda. It is a plant now completely adapted to the Mediterranean climate, which loves well-lit, possibly sunny locations, and a warm summer and mild winter climate. Lemons can withstand temperatures close to 5 ° C, but they fear frosts, not because they certainly kill the plant, but because, being one of the blooms in full winter, frost in this period would lead to the total or partial loss of the flowers , and therefore of the fruits.
I don't know where your house is located, in that region of Italy, but surely I think your terrace is a great location for your lemon, provided you let it enjoy at least a few hours of sunshine a day, even in full winter, when the sun is often low, and maybe it is shaded by the neighbors' house. Being your terrace to the south, I believe that the lemon can have all the sun it needs, if not, find a well-lit location. The terrace and the proximity to the house should guarantee your lemon the total shelter from any frost. However, if you live in an area with very, very cold winters, as you suggest, the fabric will be necessary, both on the plant and on the pot, to prevent frost from reaching the roots.
When a nurseryman sees a dissatisfied customer arrive at the store, to whom a lemon has died, during the winter, nine times out of ten he must realize that the problem was not excessive cold, but water. Lemons are evergreen plants, unlike many of the plants we are used to, or that we may have in the garden, these plants do not have a real period of vegetative rest, in fact they bloom several times a year, and generally beautiful buds can be seen already in December or January. So, even when the temperatures are very low, your lemon will need watering, park and sporadic, but present; if it were in the garden, the normal humidity of the precipitations would guarantee all the water it needed; but under the balcony, near the house, and with the tissue on the head, it is clear that the water that will receive from the rains will be scarsina, so you will have to think about it.
In general, this plant should be watered only when the soil is well dry, and provided with a good well-drained soil, which allows the water to drain away quickly; in any case, whenever the soil is dry, water it abundantly: it can be enough every 12-15 days in winter, and every 2-3 days in summer.
When repotting the plant you can mix manure, to the soil, or shredded lupins, which are also spread on the soil surface, every 2-3 months; there are also slow release granular fertilizers, specific for citrus fruits, to be supplied every 3-4 months.