Question: Aloe vera

I have an aloe vera in the apartment for about three years, the one with the long and serrated leaf.
So far it has always grown without problems, but for about a couple of weeks I have noticed that the leaves, instead of remaining upright beautiful, tend to bend and automatically to sign themselves, and touching the leaf is not harder but remains soggy. Watering has always been few, that is to say on dry ground.
What am I doing wrong?
does it have little or too much water, and must it be in the light?

Answer: Aloe vera

Dear Katia,
Aloe is an evergreen, succulent plant, native to various parts of Africa, which has now become naturalized throughout the Mediterranean area; it is an easy plant to cultivate, as it forgives us various cultivation errors, recovering quite easily. In all of southern and central Italy, and especially in coastal areas, aloe is a garden plant, even if it does not tolerate frost, and therefore must be protected if the thermometer falls below zero.
It is also cultivated at home, in pots, even if this type of cultivation offers a series of problems, because the plant does not live in its ideal conditions, but simply adapts to conditions that are not entirely favorable; for this reason, it may happen that even a simple small change in humidity or climate causes the development of diseases, even serious ones.
Generally, as with all succulent plants, aloe also tolerates drought well, because it manages to retain a good amount of water in its long leaves, to be used in dry periods; It is however wrong to say that aloe does not need watering: it is watered only when the soil in the vase is very dry; in winter, when the days are very short, aloe plants grown at home should be watered only sporadically; but in June and July, even potted plants need frequent watering, especially if they are placed outdoors. If we grow aloe in a constant dry soil, over the years, it will tend to lose the turgidity of the foliage, because it can no longer find the water to be stored, for moments of drought. Therefore, regular waterings from magio to September, scarce waterings in the remaining months, only sporadic. To check if it is time to water our aloe, dip a finger in the ground, if it is fresh and moist, we postpone watering.
Another reason why aloe is spent is ruined is the temperature: when it is grown in pots, in the apartment, the aloe enjoys temperatures more or less always close to 20 ° C; if at the arrival of spring we move the pot outdoors, it is advisable to wait until the minimum temperatures are above 12-15 ° C, otherwise the temperature fluctuation from the outdoor house is excessive, and the plant suffers a lot. An aloe shrub always cultivated outdoors, it can be calm to tolerate temperatures close to 3-5 ° C; but if the same shrub is kept for 20 ° for months, it is then necessary to move it outdoors gradually; even a very intense and prolonged blast of air can irreparably ruin an aloe plant, which is used to a warm climate.