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Is it good to leave grass cut on the garden?

Grass mowing: Answer: grass mowing

Gentile Fausta,
cutting the grass can be done by collecting all the waste grass and eliminating it (a composter can be excellent for this type of green waste), or leaving the grass on the lawn; neither method is better than the other, but it depends on how and when you cut the grass, and how much you produce. Generally, the lawn mowers on the market, are equipped with a large bag, in which the cut grass is collected, which is then taken to the municipal landfill or in the composter of the house; in both cases, the herb will become composter, which is an excellent fertilizing product. If the grass is not collected, the so-called mulching is carried out, or rather the grass is left on the lawn, so that it releases the moisture that it contains, and decomposes, leaving also the mineral salts.
In the first case, no matter how many times a year we cut the grass, it doesn't matter if we have a thin-leaved lawn or a round-leaved lawn (dichondra or clover), it doesn't matter if we decide to mow the very low lawn or if instead we decide to leave it high; the "traditional" method of grass shearing, which involves the removal of the same, is always good, always works in the same way, and does not present any problems.
Instead mulching has better effects in some particular cases, and is not indicated in others; this is because, if the cut grass is very long, and our lawnmower produces small heaps, the grass will tend to decompose slowly, remaining on the grass for a long time, especially then in case of rain in the days following the cutting of the grass; it happens in these cases that the mounds of grass decay, causing bad odor and often also the yellowing of the grass below. Mulching is practiced a lot on lawns that are cut often, where the resulting grass is short, or where it is cut with appropriate lawnmowers that chop it up, and spread it well over the whole lawn, and not piled up; obviously, the cut of the grass in these cases must be practiced on days that are not rainy, and it should not rain even in the days following the cutting and the consequent spreading of the grass on the lawn. In addition to this, mulching seems to be unsuccessful on round-leaf turf.