Question: what happens to my hibiscus?

Hi, I have several common hibiscus and put them out in the garden a month ago. now on some the leaves have turned yellow and have green spots, I don't know if it's a disease or what, can you give me an answer?

Hibiscus: Answer: hibiscus diseases

Gentile Liliana,
the presence of yellowing and pitting on the leaves of the hibiscus is a clear symptom of the presence of a parasite; if among the leaves also known of the very thin cobwebs it could be red spider, a mite, which lives very well in dry hot conditions; this mite must be removed using appropriate acaricides, or by favoring the presence of a little more water on the leaves of your hibiscus, with simple evening vaporization; it is clear that if the infestation is massive, it is necessary to use an acaricide, but if the spiders arrived "recently" it is likely that the presence of high humidity makes them flee before they settle in large quantities.
Leaf yellowing, however, could also be a symptom of other problems; excess watering, and a very moist soil, can cause the growth of rot and mold, resulting in the death of some leaves. In this case it is convenient to repot the hibiscus, with fresh and rich soil, and water them only when the soil is dry, avoiding excesses and stagnant water.
The yellow leaves can also be due to excesses or lack of fertilization; flowering plants grown in pots need fertilizing, from March to September, every 12-15 days, using a fertilizer for flowering plants, dissolved in water for watering; alternatively it is possible to use a slow release granular fertilizer, to be spread on the jar, in the recommended doses on the package, once every four months or so.