Outdoor jasmine transplant

Question: jasmine from external transplant

I have an outdoor jasmine that I have to transplant now.
how can I do?
could he die?
when is the period?
Thank you…

Answer: jasmine from external transplant

Dear Cristina,
moving a plant is always a source of stress; the extent of this stress hangs very much from how much this shift will ruin the root apparatus, and from the time of year. The ideal time to move a plant placed in the ground is autumn, because the plant is already in partial vegetative rest, and its root system is not carrying out a constant and continuous work, the climate is cool and the movement is not in practice it causes great damage to the plant. Moving a plant placed in the open ground in spring can cause very big damages, because in this period the jasmine is in full vegetative growth, and is also producing flowers. In essence, right now its roots and its leaves are working to the maximum: moving a jasmine can now lead to very serious damage. The displacement must be carried out removing as much ground bread from the soil as possible, so as to avoid removing a large part of the root system, especially if the plant is in full vegetative growth then proceeds by making a furrow around the stem of the plant , and then dig deep. Consider that climbing plants develop more or less in proportion to their root system, so if you have a very large jasmine, expect a root system of proportions equal to about a quarter of the canopy; immediately after removing it from the ground, place it at home, and water it thoroughly. In the following days, avoid leaving the plant dry for long periods of time, but also drowning it because, although it is a resistant plant, transport will already make it suffer, and it is therefore better to avoid adding further stress. If, on the other hand, your jasmine is in a pot, you can do the transplant whenever you like, it will be essential to avoid touching the earthen bread around the roots; in general a plant is always happy to be transported from a condition of restricted space, like the vase, to the full ground.